SXM Pre Release discussion

Recently it rained so hard where I live that mackarels came asking for directions to the nearest river, so I had to stay inside for a considerable time. I spend that on watching St. Maarten’s airport on Flightradar24. I recommend you do the same.

Interesting things were happening there with nice oppertunities for new gameplay with the release of SXM.

At first I was wondering what a small airport would bring to the game, but now I can’t wait. The devs allready mentioned backtracking and the use of intersection take off.

The combination of the announced groundradar and traffic management challenges like this situation I captured is tantalizing:

I also saw lot’s of new aircraft types flying around there that are not currently in the game. Both PAX and Cargo.

What catches your eyes?


Almost all landings are on RWY10 - look at the black slides on termac.

I have also seen landings on RWY28 with small planes. Also M planes that have to taxi to the turnpoint at the beginning of RWY28 to depart from there.

Yes indeed. But wind is almost unchangable on SXM.

Well, not sure if I will let my planes arrive here


Could be this “feature under development”:

Extremely under development :laughing:

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:laughing: :laughing:

Definitely fun to play casually but it will be pain in the … to get connections with other players. Also making money will be super hard like at BRI (I guess only 2 L/X slots nothing more).

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Possible layover stops, found this while sending my planes to Rio that there is a layover in SXM, so we may see layovers, also may not, who knows

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I didn’t know that. Servicing layovers would be a nice addition. There are not that many M flights visiting SXM.

I doubt even the X slot. And there are very few L planes visiting. So I share your remark about making money. But knowing the devs they must have something up their sleeves.

Nice idea! I put it in my suggestion report for devs.

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Looking at the description on portal it should have quite a few L stands. Sadly only one X stand. They didn’t mention the amount of L stands but I am guessing we will get 4-5 L stands.

I didn’t look at the development portal lately and obviously missed the information there. If there are that many L stands I wonder which airlines are going to visit. IRL only Air France and KLM fly there with big ones, as far as I know.

Well in real life 747 landed regularly at this airport and also A330 and A340. I think that I saw photo with these 2 planes together at two “gates” so thats why I was assuming we could get 2x L/X or 2x L slot or 1x and 1x L slots. It would be like in real life :smiley: we will see!

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You are right :slight_smile:

Air Caraibes A333 arrival


Volga-Dnepr Group Il-76

Corsair A332

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Thanks for this information. There is enough potential :grin:.

Gonna be hard considering

  1. No il-76
  2. russian

Others would be nice to see too