New Airports

What Airports do you think Should Get Playable mine are
Amsterdam, Hamburg, Hannover, Narita and more


I would rather have an airport close to NGO for short range flights like Beijing, Seoul or Taipeh.
Another one in Japan would be a little too close to NGO.


I partially agree with @SomeGuy98345, an airport for S/M connections from NGO would be great. I’d personally like HND to be added, short flight which makes it more fun (and we all know how the Japanese love sending 777s on 25 min flights) :laughing:

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Current list for consideration is here:

I think we definitely need an additional Asia airport, maybe an African one and definitely South American
But SAN comes next, based on the voting it looks like WAW or SYD could well be in the running


It would be fair to give preference to regions that do not yet have playable airports, such as South America, Africa and Oceania.
In particular, I would love to see the GRU airport added.

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HNL is perfect for transatlantic flights.

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Ok. Take a minute, and think about what you wrote. HNL, Honolulu, is good for transatlantic, US - Europe flights…?
Do you mean transpacific?

Yup.You are right.
I was so excited and write it so fast