New arrival from player

I am so excited. Another player’s plane landed at one of my airports. How can I send my planes to other players airports? Can’t see that option come up. I would love to return the favour when this happens.

Open your destinations window and look at the routes at the top of the list. If someone has sent you a plane, they probably have requested a connection with you. Accept it to being getting credit for the planes you send and receive with them. To connect to another airport, enter a player’s name in the box or press the :game_die: button for a random connection.

With each connection, if you get to 100 planes, you get 200 silver planes.


So, trying to figure this out. When you say “destination” window, I think you are referring to the place where you lock and unlock airports. There is nothing there that is not an “airport”. I don’t see any kind of friend request or anything. Frankly this page kind of confuses me. Some airports are “unlocked” but I am not able to use then yet. I’d love to connect with this person who is landing planes at my airport.

Here is my visitor: uyenbui91. I don’t know how to connect and send them planes.

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By the looks of it, you’ve already ‘connected’ to uyenbui91. When it is time for your own fleet to take off, you can choose the destination. Choos Bari and it will go to Bari and your connection partner. Hope he/she will return it.


The area below each of those airports is the information about the connection. If you don’t have a partner there won’t be a name, like what you see at MCT. This forum has a whole section for finding other players for connections.

Because connections require other players, you can only connect to playable airports, which are all at the top of the list.

Some airports are “unlocked” but I am not able to use then yet.

For non-playable airpots, you will have to unlock each size category separately.

I am looking for any active player. I have 4 planes in Prague. Looking somebody on INN and Bari airport. … my nick is Datlik2010

So, I have someone visiting Washington from Prague, however, I cannot unlock a destination slot to Washington (small plane) from Prague. There are no USA airport options from Prague. So I can’t visit back. Please help.

If that person is visiting your Washington from their Prague, then you need at least a medium aircraft (if not, a large aircraft) to have them be able to handle planes of yours.

If you want to send them an aircraft from Prague to their Washington (which I’m kinda confused about considering the connection is between your IAD and his/her PRG) no small plane can ‘make the distance’, and you therefore need a medium or large aircraft (I don’t really know if you can send mediums from PRG to IAD).

Hope this helps.

That does help thanks. Yes, I have to wait to get a medium plane. NOW I have a very interesting problem. I have a plane (connection) stuck at my airport. It is show ing up at the bottom and timing out but the plane is not there. LOL. Dont’ know what will happen when it times out. I’ll go check now. Have not been able to keep any connections. Either I have to reload the app and they disappear or they are coming in the middle of the night….LOL.

Ok, so the connection has show up even though it had timed out. Now, back to the other question. When I am working in PRG, the connection shows up on the departure page. The connection is working because it says player 1 / airport 1. Does that mean they are somehow getting my plane? If they can’t get my plane will the connection discontinue?

Unless you haven’t handled any of their planes yet, yes, they have handled your plane.

No, the only time your connection will discontinue is when you or they cancel the connection between the two of you. Even if one of you don’t play for months, the connection will still stay, on condition that none of you cancels the connection.

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