New delhi airport

Now that we know that the next airport will be in Delhi, I wanted to ask what do you think about this airport?
I personally am excited since it will be a busy airport

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Yes, I like it because the lack of airport at Asia

NGO called and said “Wait a minute, we are in Asia, aren’t we?”


Too Asian lol

Forgot :skull:

But NGO is the only airport in Asia currently, right?

MCT comes in Asia as well but the problem is that Asia is too big😂

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This would be the most efficient airport for sliver plane mining I suppose…!

IRL I feel this airport has a very interesting terminal (Terminal 3) in terms of architecture (I mean mostly the planning as well as the layout), I am partly an architect and I must say this one is unique among many airports. It makes me recall the very unique CDG T1 and sadly it has been renovated and not as that interesting as before (but thanks god the iconic, circular passenger building still remains in place).

The operation for players may not be that relaxing. I see the southern runways may have planes crossing 11L/29R and we may face situation like what we used to have in MCT… Keep clicking for more frequent landing or take off!


My thoughts on Delhi are mixed… I’m looking forward to having a 4 runway airport and am REALLY hoping the devs can pull this off.

But, given that this is world of airports, we have three continents without airports right now in Oceania, Africa, and South America without an airport. I wish one of these would’ve been added as opposed to a 3rd Asian airport…

Kuba had mentioned in the livestream that they really wanted to expand the world of world of airports into places the game doesn’t really emphasize, and adding a third airport in Asia doesn’t really fulfill that goal imho…


I agree with you
New delhi airport is a great airport but I share your opinion that there is a lack of airports in other continents
I hope that after this airport they think of a new continent for a future airport
In South America there are great airports and in Africa also an airport in Brazil would be great but we’ll see what happens


They should add a new airport from Australia cuz there none from Australia

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I don’t want to take this topic off topic, but according to the below post, there is an Australian one set after New Delhi.

@carlsberg72 Fact check please?

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Tbh, it’s a bit too much complaining in my opinion. SMX is not far from the South American coast. Asia is the largest populated continent; India and China hold alone over 2 billion people. Asia is probably the most diverse continent in the world. It’s a lot of different cultures, ethnic groups, geography, climate and even religions. From Israel to Iran, to Central Asia to India then Southeast Asia with a range of different cultures mixed in several countries such as Singapore and Malaysia. To more homogeneous societies like Vietnamese but not so easy to throw a conclusion there either so fast. Then you have the enormous and vast China from Guangzhou to Lhasa then to Beijing, part of Russia and then the two Koreas and Japan. It wouldn’t surprise me if the developers adds another 2-4 airports in Asia. South America don’t have many airlines anymore either with Latam or the Avianca-group eating up their competitors. For Africa it’s not easy to find an airport that has the size like New Delhi, Washington or Muscat. Addis Ababa is the leading airport and probably, Cairo but it’s very similar to Muscat in geography and region. Then it’s Johannesburg, Cape Town, Nairobi or Lagos maybe. I’m no expert on aviation on any continent but it’s not fun playing a airport that is dead for traffic. But I agree that it’s much more diverse playing with both African and South American airports in the future.
Let’s see what they will bring after New Delhi. I hope New Delhi gives us many new interesting options. Many Indian players will most certainly be happy as well.


Who’s live stream are we talking about here? A link to the video would be very useful.
If it’s who I think it is, this person is not one of the devs, but is well connected with them and I would say if they are reporting such information

  1. They’ve been permitted by the devs to say it
  2. It’s likely to be true, albeit you have to understand devs make changes all the time. Let’s remember way back when MSY was supposed to in the game until it changed to SAN.
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I’m pretty sure it was Said during the 2.0 information stream, but I could entirely be wrong


Yea agreed Asia is so big that it needed the airport. MCT is in the middle east while NGO is in the far east. This is a sweet spot between the two.

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I think Delhi is a good choice from the developers for 2 reasons.

  1. Since SXM is a very beautiful but also very small airport, the next airport had to be a big one, just to keep the balance. I would say, Delhi definitely counts as big airport.

  2. Until now player connections to and from NGO work only for L and X planes. Delhi will change that. It will definitely be possible to send M planes between those two airports. This will especially help new players at both airports since they can also use the planes they get within the first few levels for player connections.

I also hope for airports in different parts of the world for the future, but for now Delhi will be a counterweight for SXM regarding size while also enhancing the player to player gameplay.