Speculation on future updates

Officials have been posting a lot of paint jobs here and from what I’ve seen, South Asian companies and others are being added here. Also, since there is only one type of aircraft within WoA, the A35K and A359, the next playable airport is South America and I suspect the A350 will be updated soon. What do you guys think?

That has not been confirmed. All we know is that it will be in a new continent/region, that does not rule out Australia/South Pacific, Central Asia, or Africa as candidates.

Definitely possible, personally I think the A320 family is next. Generally speaking, it’s the worst quality of the current models while the A350 still looks like the real thing, and the A320 family is far more prevalent around the world. I hope the A319/319neo will receive its missing liveries, as well as the A321/321neo.

In the live streaming on YouTube a short while ago, one of the creators said they are going for India :india: . But not decided which city. Then Australia/NZ. :australia::new_zealand:.

He also mentioned that the A320 is next up as I understood. And some upgrades/updates will come more frequent than before. We will see what happens.


I also think that will be the case, and hopefully the 757 as well! 787s also seem to have been renumbered to B789, so hopefully that will be soon as well.

I can’t wait for the 757. It would be a dream come true if they do the same thing with the 747 and have older liveries as regular contracts.

All the possibilities… America West, chrome AA, US Airways, NWA, Aer Lingus, British Airways, Jet2, Allegiant, Aeromexico, I could go on.

Just adding that and TUI pleases me! With a bit of luck the 300 is added as well, would be good for connections between IAD, SXM and SAN.

It would be nice to see the 767 added at some point, I’m sure IAD and NGO would be full of them

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Jet2 is still current, not even old so that could definitely be added, especially as they still fly to both INN and PRG on occasion from MAN

Can’t say I’ve noticed one do an INN flight, that was always TUI, Thomas Cook and Monarch. However a Jet2 one did do MAN-PRG a few months back, G-LSAA did it if I recall correctly, would also blend in well at BRI and possibly IAD (closet we can get to replicating the former EWR flights). Allegient and Jet2holidays are basically the same livery with a few differences, so the devs could kill two birds with one stone with them liveries

Jet2 fly regularly to PRG, I work at the place that puts bars on them. G-LSAA has its own barset, the only one on jet2 that does. INN is a winter destination for the ski flights.

Sounds good to me :+1:
Allegiant is actually on the feedback portal (as is Jet2 and Holidays). I know that has been discontinued but it means it might still be in the back of their heads.

One thing I’ve been thinking about these past few days is why Lanzarote hasn’t been added as a destination airport yet? The game has flights to TFS, FUE and LPA but not ACE, and also TFN? Not overly sure if SPC is in game either? It would be nice to see more of the holiday destinations added, as IBZ, ALC and MAH may also be ideal choices, and it’s be nice see them at airports like PRG and LEJ.

Also fits my trend of acting like a holiday airline quite well :joy:

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