New Destinations for the game

This thread is for suggesting destinations from existing airports in the game that do not currently exist:

Please provide the following information:

  1. Airport name
  2. City where airport is located
  3. IATA airport code (the 3 letter one)
    3A. WOA airports that could be linked to it
  4. Runway length of most used runway
  5. Top 3 or 4 airlines that use the airport (preference to airlines already in the game)
  6. Does airport handle cargo
  7. If you are a nerd. Flight numbers of existing flights and aircraft used (a 321 should be logged as a 320 or 757 for example)

While it might be a pain, please enter each one on a separate reply. That way I might be able to turn them into a poll (maybe) if not we can use the existing likes system.

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Idaho Falls Regional
Idaho Falls, Idaho
San and maybe IAD if any possible planes can reach it
Runway for commercial flights is 9,012 feet
Delta is a large one, typically operating A220s, but they are sometimes replaced by a crj or even E-jet, but there is also American and united crjs and the largest plane we typically get is a Allegiant A320/A319 (it can vary as to which)
Yes, there is a daily FedEx flight
No exact flight numbers but A220s and Crjs are very common.
Note: I’d save this for the update with the A220 seeing as how common they are

  1. Pune International Airport
  2. Pune, India
  3. PNQ
    Can have connections to MCT and probably NGO too
  4. Most used runway length: 2600m
  5. Indigo Airlines, SpiceJet, AirIndia, Vistara, Akasa Air (Vistara and Akasa Air are not in game)
  6. Yes
    It is one of the largest Air Force Stations of India and the 10th largest airport in India by number of passengers handled.
    So maybe C17 and An22s of Indian Air Force can also be added as arrivals along with mentioned airlines.
  1. Bradley International Airport
  2. Windsor Locks, CT (Hartford region)
  3. BDL
  4. Runway length 9,510
  5. Breeze airlines Hub, Southwest, Delta, JetBlue
  6. Yes, UPS and Amazon Prime air main airlines for Cargo but DHL and FedEx also flies here.

Bradley is the second largest and busiest airport in New England and growing. Would love to see it’s inclusion into the game. Could easily reach SAN, SXM, and IAD as there are currently flights to these locations (not sure about SXM but I’m sure you could connect somewhere as there are multiple airlines and flights to Puerto Rico)

  1. Kaunas Airport
  2. Kaunas, Lithuania
  3. KUN
    Linked to INN, BRI and PRG
  4. 3250m/10663ft
  5. Ryanair, Wizz Air and Buzz
  6. No
  7. Most common planes are A320 and 737 (-800 and MAX 8)

Kaunas is Lithuania’s second largest airport and a relatively large Ryanair hub. It also serves as an alternative airport for when VNO (Vilnius) is unavailable.

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  1. Paine Field
  2. Everett, WA, USA
  3. PAE
    3a. SAN easily, and IAD could be, although it is not currently served IRL
  4. 9010 feet
  5. Alaska, fedex, Kenmore air (seaplane operator)
  6. Yes
  7. Flight 2011, e175, operated by Alaska Horizon
    Although fedex operates cargo to Memphis, there is no cargo service to an ingame airport currently

As a side note, this is a Boeing hotspot, so Boeing event planes for example could fly from here.

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  1. Chisinau international Airport
  2. Chisinau
  3. KIV
    Can be connected to INN PRG BRI and LEJ
  4. It’s runway length is 3.950M 11,778
  5. The main airlines are Air Moldova Flyone and Hisky
  6. Yes But very Rare.
    Facts: Chisinau is the only and major airport in Moldova. It stored UIA and SkyUp Aircraft while the Ukrainian war is still going on. Skyup has set up a temporary bace there.


Dalaman Airport
DLM can be Connected to INN MCT BRI and LEJ, definitely PRG
It’s runway length is 3.000m/9.843ft
The main airlines are Corendon Airlines, Freebird Airlines, SunExpress and Pegasus.
Between PRG and DLM there was a Smartwings 737-800 with flight number QS2688 on 20th August 2023.
No good picture unfortunately cause it a military base as well. Sorry :pensive:

Izmir Airport
ADB can be connected to INN PRG BRI LEJ and maybe MCT
It’s runway length is 3.240M/ 10.630FT
The main airlines ared Corendon Pegasus SunExpress and Freebird Airlines.

Lanzarote Airport
On the island of Lanzarote
ACE Can be connected to INN, BRI, PRG,LEJ
There is not a hub for the airlines but Binter and Ryanair are the main airlines
Lanzarote is one of the most busist airport for flights from Mainly to Ireland and UK. It is a Great spot to planespot.

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Debrecan Airport
Debrecan, Hungary
Can be Connected to INN PRG BRI LEJ
Not a lot of Airlines have a hub there but the Main airline that fly’s there is Wizz Air
Debrecan Airport is Hungary’s 2nd busiest airport the airport has some of the most stunning Aircraft pictures on the Internet.


1, Bournemouth Airport
2, it’s a town but Bournemouth
3, BOH
3A, can connect INN, BRI, PRG, and possibly SXM
4, 2,271m / 7,451ft
5, Ryanair/Buzz and TUi
6, yes but only using ex Virgin A346.
7, No idea on those.

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Cork airport
ORK can be connected to INN BRI PRG and LEJ
It’s main runway is 2.133M/6.998FT
The main airlines are Ryanair Aer Lingus and Wizz air (formally)
Yes but Very rare.
Cork airport is the 2nd busiest airport in Ireland between 2006 and 2013 there was a low cost war between Ryanair and Wizz Air and in May 2013 Wizz air withdraw Route to and from Cork and out of the Irish market meaning Ryanair wins. And now only Ryanair is the only major European low cost airline in Ireland.

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Yes Cork would be a welcome destination to Ireland.

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Near Paphos in Cyprus
Pfo can be connected to INN BRI PRG, LEJ and maybe MCT and DEL
Runway 11/29 is 2,699M/8,855FT
Only Ryanair is the main airline baced here may Cyprus airways and Cobalt
Paphos airport is the island 2nd busiest airport on the island, it looks like Paphos served more airlines than Larnaca. The airport is also served for the Cyprus Air force couse it’s a Public/military airport

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  1. Aeroporto Internacional de Fortaleza - Pinto Martins
  2. Fortaleza - CE / BRAZIL
  3. FOR
    3A. Can have connections to IAD
  4. runway length: 2800m
  5. Azul, Gol, Latam and TAP
  6. Yes
  7. Most common planes are ATR72, A319, A320, A321, A359, A332, B767, B737 AND 738 (-800 and MAX 8)
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  1. Toronto City Billy Bishop Airport
  2. Toronto
  3. YTZ
    3A. IAD
  4. 1215 m / 3988 ft
  5. Air Canada and Porter Airlines
  6. No
  7. IAD-YTZ PD2722 DHC8
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  1. Naples Airport
  2. Naples
  3. NAP
  4. 2,628 m / 8,622 ft
  5. ITA airways, United Airlines (to EWR in real life), Ryanair, and most of the European major airlines
  6. Yes
  7. PRG-NAP FR5424 B738
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  1. Jeju International Airport
  2. Jeju Island
  3. CJU
  4. 3,180m
  5. Korean Air (KE), Asiana Airlines (OZ), Jeju Air (7C),
    Jin Air (LJ)
  6. Korean Air Cargo, Jeju Air Cargo

KE1045 - A330-300 / KE1075 - A220-300
OZ8915 - A330-300 / OZ8995 - A320
7C151 - B737-800 / 7C119 - B737-800
LJ301 - B737-800 / LJ311 - B777
(KE and OZ used B744 in GMP-CJU it’s Domestic)
GMP - CJU is most busiest line in the world.
and CJU can landing A388 too.


International Airport in Lagos State Nigeria is another very busy hub that can be considered for airports I. Africa. Muritala Mohammed International Airport MMA Lagos, Nigeria.
Also the International Airport in Abuja, the capital of the country.