New Destinations from LHR

Use this thread for adding new possible destinations from LHR that are not currently in the game


Unsure where to put this but spent some time looking into routes for LHR summer and missing.

Based on real ops.

LHR-HAJ (Hanover) - Services British Airways (320 / NEO)

LHR-GNB (Grenoble) Services British Airways (319/320)
LHR-FSC (Porto Vecchio) Services Summer British Airways (319/320)

LHR-SZG (Salzburg) Services Lufthansa/British Airways (320/NEO)

LHR-PEG (Perugia) Services Summer British Airways (319/320)
LHR-BDS (Brindisi) Services Summer British Airways (319/320)

LHR-IBZ (Ibiza) Services Summer British Airways (319/320/21NEO)

LHR-PUY (Pula) Services Summer British Airways (320)
LHR-SPU (Split) Services British Airways/Croatia Airlines (319/320/320NEO)
LHR-DBV (Dubrovnik) Services Summer British Airways (320)

LHR-PVK (Preverza) Services Summer British Airways (320)
LHR-EFL (Argostolion/Kefalonia) Services Summer British Airways (320)
LHR-ZTH (Zakynthos) Services Summer British Airways (320/NEO)
LHR-KLX (Kalamata) Services Summer British Airways (320/NEO)
LHR-JMK (Mykonos) Services Summer British Airways (320/NEO)
LHR-JTR (Santorini) Services Summer British Airways (320/NEO)
LHR-CHQ (Chania) Services Summer British Airways (320/21/NEO)
LHR-KGS (Kos) Services Summer British Airways (320/21/NEO)

LHR-DLM (Dalaman) Services Summer British Airways (320NEO/21NEO)

LHR-PFO (Paphos) Services Summer British Airways (320NEO/21NEO)

LHR-PDL (Ponta Delgada) Services Summer British Airways (320NEO)



If I may add some more missing ones:

LHR-SVG (Stavanger) - Services SAS (A20N/A320)
LHR-TUN (Tunis) - Services Tunis Air (A332)
LHR-BEG (Belgrade) - Services Air Serbia (A319/A320)
LHR-FRA (Frankfurt) - Services DHL (A306)
LHR-MAD (Madrid) - Services DHL (A306)
LHR-BRU (Brussels) - Services DHL (A306/B752)
LHR-ARN (Stockholm-Arlanda) - Services DHL (A306)
LHR-SCO (Aktau) - Services Air Astana (A21N) - (maybe in game A320?)
LHR-JFK (New York) - Services Jetblue (A21N) - (maybe in game A320?)
LHR-BOS (Boston) - Services Jetblue (A21N) - (maybe in game A320?)
LHR-LAX (Los Angeles) - Services Delta Air Lines (A339) - (maybe in game A333?)
LHR-SEA (Seatlle) - Services Delta Air Lines (A339) - (maybe in game A333?)
LHR-LIM (Lima) - Services LATAM (B788)
LHR-LXR (Luxor) - Services Egypt Air (A20N) - (maybe in game A320?)
LHR-BKK (Bangkok) - Services EVA Air (B77W)
LHR-WUH (Wuhan) - Services China Southern (B788)
LHR-CKG (Chongqing) - Services Tianjin Airlines (A332)
LHR-XIY (Xi´an) - Services Tianjin Airlines (A332)
LHR-SZX (Shenzhen) - Services Shenzhen Airlines (A333)

Yes I am aware these cities all exist in game, but these contracts do not.


Loganair LM622 Flights to Sumburgh Airport and Kirkwall Airport. Using either ATRs or Saab 340.

Yes this be another good addition as the route just started.

After doing some research from some airlines who formerly served Heathrow route, Air New Zealand which formerly served Heathrow before they closed their historical service in 2020 flew Auckland-Heathrow service via Los Angeles instead of Singapore.

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YTT St. johns, Canada. Can also be linked to iad and san. Uses a319 on route to lhr but since air canada a319 isn’t in game this could use 738M or BCS1/BCS3.

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Think before the pandemic it was a B738M doing the route will need to look it up, but would be good in the game as I would sent one my aircraft their and use AC aircraft as well.

LHR need to have Donegal airport in Ireland
It’s one of the most scenic airports on earth

New services


TFU - LHR (Chengdu Tianfu) Air China / A333 / CA423 / CA424

XMN - LHR (Xiamen Gaoqi) Xiamen Air / B789 / MF8701 / MF8702


DUR Durban is missing

Add Karlovy Vary and České Budějovice :rofl::rofl:

Doncaster Sheffield airport


It’s currently closed at the moment but may be reopened this year (correct me if I’m wrong) which if it’s going ahead this airport should be added as it would be a domestic flight from LHR

Belfast City Airport (BHD)

Can replace the existing British Airways contracts to BFS, as BA only fly to BHD. Aer Lingus also use to operate flights from BHD to LHR.


Can we please get a Seattle route with delta as it’s operated irl

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  1. They did but they used to use the A320 between BHD and LHR but I’m pretty sure after Brexit they was forced to withdraw it. They still sort of use it today but that’s most likely a alternative division in case any of there hub is affected.

  2. Your probably mentioning Emerald Airlines UK which is a separate operator that supplies aircraft and crew Aer Lingus Regional therefore if they are adding Aer Lingus Regional they should make a separate company.

That’s what I’m referring to, it was a recent removal but I’m positive British Airways now operate some of those flights.