New Destinations from NGO

Please use this thread for new destinations from NGO, all aircraft types are available so most destinations should work within reason

I’ve noticed many Chinese airports has multiple Chinese airlines serving them, this is INSANE cause a lot of them don’t even have bases at that airport, for example China Southern at CTU, which is unreasonable for them to have a service between CTU and LHR.

I’ve sorted out a list featuring the airlines and destinations to and from LHR in the real world (some of them are historical services):

Beijing Capital (PEK) - BAW/CCA

Beijing Daxing (PKX) - BAW/CSN

Hong Kong (HKG) - BAW/CPA

Shanghai Pudong (PVG) - BAW/VIR/CES

Guangzhou Baiyun (CAN) - CSN

Chengdu Shuangliu (CTU) - CCA

Shenzhen Bao’an (SZX) - CSZ

Chongqing Jiangbei (CKG) - GCR

Changsha Huanghua (CSX) - CHH

Xiamen Gaoqi (XMN) - CXA

Qingdao Liuting (TAO) - CBJ

Xi’an Xianyang (XIY) - GCR

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World of airports is a game not simulator
You can play how you wish so it’s left to you
If you think there exists no base then don’t buy the contract from that airport devs try to add new destinations with every update so you can expect more planes from non existent bases irl

Oh that’s true, it’s only about adding services, not deleting them

Even in a simulator, you kinda can play how you wish

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If the simulator simulates real life . If it doesn’t exist in RL then it won’t be available in sim,then how can you play on your wish. He was talking of real life case soo.

In a simulator, you can paint an Airbus plane in southwest colors or a Boeing plane in Spirit
You can install old airlines and airports to simulate the past
You make your own fleet for an airline including flight schedules using AI
You can even model your own plane if you know how or build your own airport
I take it you’ve never played flight simulator before cause that’s the impression I’m getting
All of this can be done and all the tool are there to do so…
You can choose how you play it

Bruh, I’m talking sim without mod options.

What all you Said are in msfs and xplane and many other but sadly they are games not sim
Okay I might be wrong but I was talking of a sim which simulates exactly real life airport .

It’s going more off topic DM me