New destinations


I’m having good times with this game. I like it so much, I park aircrafts to terminals (at PRG) according to the arrivals from Schengen or outside the EU. :slight_smile:

I have several questions/suggestions:

  1. I need more destinations for my aircrafts. Right now I have 1x A380, 7xA320 and 3xE190. When I serve all my M aircrafts, I usually use all available destination options and still I have a plane sitting at the gate and this can’t go anywhere because of running timer.
  2. Why my M aircrafts can’t have EU destinations?
  3. I don’t know the range of E190, but can it really travel from Czech Republic to SAE? It’s 6 hour flight.
  4. I have only one livery, but saw some screen shot on the forums with at least six of them (not talking about real ones). How’s that possible?
  5. If I want to change a livery on my aircrafts, how can I do it? Do I need to sell them all and buy new ones? I would like to have that option for some money (maybe 25% of the aircraft cost?).
  6. And the last issue is, that I very often see two aircrafts with the same registration.

Keep going!

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  1. More destinations will be added to spread the traffic. Cooldown for same destination is added on purpose to prevent sending all planes to most profitable destination one-by-one.
  2. Maybe they will ^(1)^ thats not priority now in developement process.
  3. E190 has nearly 4500max range so it should be possible i guess.
  4. More liveries for ATR and available and one extra for B737.
  5. Already purchased liveries are not changeable
  6. That is just arrival list which is not full - again we cannot add to many before more machines/airlines are in place.