New Game Features

Unlock map contracts through levels
In the game there are special contracts which can only be obtained through level rewards (e.g. aviation daily a388s, qatar b77w world cup livery, etc). The idea is that once you have obtianed these contracts by leveling up they will be added to the map contracts (at the respective airport)


Thanks for this opportunity. Three things worth thinking about:

  1. Allow users to zoom out further in 2D view. LHR is big and it’s easy to miss something
  2. Allow users to reassign (or close) a gate’s ability to take a class of aircraft. As you develop the airport you might want to stop small aircraft from using a set of gates
  3. Open an airport in the Southern Hemisphere. Lots to choose from. Sydney, Singapore, Melbourne, …

SYD is an airport coming in the future - being built as of now.


Where Should I Put This: A380 Engine ReModel
Like The 77W, A350 and B787

Hello everyone!
Any ideas maybe to create used market of airplanes or even rent or lease from others players for the begginers?))))

Beacon Lights Before Pushback Future Updates


Fantastic game! Been playing for some time now. Love the variety of views each airport gives.

My request would be to to add to the zoom function an adjustable setting of some kind that would allow the user to adjust how close they would like to zoom in on the plane when selecting it, or make the zoom less abrupt. Maybe slow the current zoom down, or add to the current method some code that would allow users to adjust the zoom to their liking.

The main reason I’d like to see a a zoom setting that’s more gradual or user adjustable is because you lose the context of the over all position your viewing from.

It’s great to get a close up of the plane you select, but being able to do it in a way that works to keep the context of the particular view of the airport you’re enjoying would make the experience even better. The current zoom is fun in short bursts, after a while it gets frustrating because it’s so abrupt and you’re constantly have to zoom back out or maneuver the view back to where you want to look.

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Each Airport needs the player to click on the silver planes so the cool down Doesn’t Happened for every airport all at once, and you can have that silver planes easily.

I’m looking forward to the SYD launch, collecting Silver and Gold in my most profitable airports for the moment to get ready.

One feature (and apologies if this has already been discussed / debated elsewhere) but would quite a feature where you can ‘buy’ silver airplanes with Wollars. I.e. I’ve been playing with LHR for a while, hit a ceiling on how many more contracts I want to have (currently 405), and have about W1mn which just collects in that bank account.

So it would be nice if you could purchase silver airplanes - maybe at an exchange rate of W500,000 to 1000 or only if you achieve the max level - so that we don’t disincentive people from purchasing gold airplanes with real money if they wish.