New Game Features

Use this thread for new features you would like to see in the game. Please provide as much detail as you can, screenshots if appropriate too.


Parking stands

With player connection contracts terminating automatically, the use of dedicated parking stands may come in handy. It can happen that your connection partner is not willing to continue or that you want to change partners.
Right now an “active” gate / stand is occupied when the contract is not renewed. Relocating to a parking stand solve this.

Long term storage

A bit over the top, but maybe useful also. Create special destination airports like Victorville, Teruel and Alice Springs if you want to retire your planes, but keeping them for renewed playing at a later date.


Thank you for this thread

So, I have a couple of ideas
1.) Sombody already mentioned it, but a faster way to scroll up on the list of planes waiting to land. I have 164 contracts at IAD, about 150 with my own fleet. The first displayed is the last to arrive, so the longest route. Having to scroll up 164 planes to get to the local contracts every time is a bit of a hassle.
2.) Some kind of a listing of my fleet would be nice. To know how many planes I have right now, I would habe to count them individually.
3.) Though I really like the contracts, I would prefer the contracts not being inked to one specific aircraft and allow me to switch aircraft (special liveries) on contracts.

I will leave it at three for now and maybe add some later.

  1. Exchange wollars to sp, for example 50k wollars to 100 sp
  2. Can you make the contract are based on airplane size instead of local, regional, international?
  3. Make crew purchasable with sp
  4. Also how about stand maintenance, so stand can break down and needs to be repaired. While repair is in progress, tge stand cannot be used

My proposal might be a bit long term, could be features implemented by several updates.

Dynamic demand based on pricing and service
A ticket pricing and service selectiong system that affect onboard occupation percentage and destination demand, providing player fleet to choose between LCC or full service.

Adjust range with cruise speed
Weight and speed are two major factors determines range. Now we have weight configure, why not speed config.

Excutive/Business/Private Jet conversion
If we could have onboard service selection and a dynamic pricing, operation focused on first class and business class passengers can be possible with smaller aircraft that have longer range, making smaller airport more interesting and profitable.

More modification
Short rwy mod, plateau mod, range extention mod, cabin capacity mod, modification at the cost of aircraft price.

Extend operation range with transit/connection route
This was in WOA 1.0 that smaller aircraft can fly between destination of longer range with tranit/connection routes. Maybe we can bring that back to improve route network and fleet structure…

High speed rwy exit
I mean why not. It is painful to see S and M even L aircraft to taxi extra distance on rwy because of their gate, rather than exiting rwy when speed is appropriate.

Airport policy/ tech tree
There will be a lot of interesting feature in WOA’s future update, we might need a policy list or tech tree to control the deployment of those things, balancing between slow & low cost, or high effiiency & higher cost.

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A couple gameplay ideas

Randomize and sort the arrival list
I’ve noticed that when playing the game the arrivals show in the order they arrived in, what if there was the ability to

  1. Randomize this list
    Essentially just completely scramble what order they are coming in, you could have the first plane to arrive at the very end and the last plane to arrive right in the middle
    With this one I would personally prefer (and I imagine a lot of other people) if it still somewhat organized them by their status, with aircraft currently handling at the top, and aircraft waiting to land in the middle, and aircraft waiting for a stand at the bottom, and then just randomize the aircraft within these sub-categories
    Or, for those who want a more organized list

  2. Sort this list
    It can have various different sorting types such as
    Trip distance (50 nm at top, 5000 nm at bottom)
    Trip time (5 minute trip at top, 7 hour trip at bottom)
    Time of arrival (most recent at bottom, first at top)
    Aircraft size (obvious)
    Aircraft type (cargo or pax)
    Aircraft status (landing, waiting for stand, handling, waiting for takeoff, etc.)
    Or arrival type (local, regional, international)

And then with other things

  1. AI aircraft maintanence
    Similar to our own aircraft maintanence, any local airlines (only local, regional and international would do it at the destination, with some exceptions, it depends on the airline) could perform maintanence at the airport once a contract is completed (not cancelled). This could be totally random, as well as take up a stand for a short or long period of time
    As for the regional & international flights, they just take longer to get back if they perform maintanence at the other airport

  2. Randomized contract aircraft
    This could probably just be a setting (and I beleive it has been mentioned but not the way I’m thinking) in case someone may want a specific aircraft for the flight
    But what I’m thinking is that instead of signing a contract for the exact plane, just sign one with the airline to that airport, then from there, the airline will send what is available to your airport. One time it could be an A319, then next it could be an A330. This also opens the ability to have a special livery show up. Say I have a Dubai contract with emirates at SXM. The first time I get their normal 77W, the next 3 I get the normal a388, then I get their blue expo A388 for the next arrival, and then it continues to be random from their.

Anyways that is all


Completely agree on this, especially at MCT its so frustrating, aircraft should depart the runway at the earliest available exit relevant to the aircraft size/type.

I’d also love a feature where you could change the gate assigned to a plane at any point pre arrival. Sometimes you allocate and aircraft to a remote stand and then before it lands a contact stand becomes available.


I would like the UI for incoming flights to be elaborated even further.

  1. Currently flights are sorted by “Due for takeoff”, “Arrived/being serviced” and “Cleared to land”. I would like the “Cleared to land” to be broken up even more, because that’s where the bulk of flights end up. Split it into 1) “cleared to land but not yet assigned a stand”, 2) “Assigned a stand but not yet landed” and 3) “Still taxiing”. Because there’s not much point in doing these categories if 80% of the flights are lumped in one category anyway, and when I’m playing EVERYTHING has a yellow exclamation mark.

  2. I would like an option to split the categories further by size of plane, so I can, for example, see just L planes that have yet to be assigned a stand, rather than having to scroll through 40+ planes in even a medium airport, just to find the specific size of plane I need to take action on.


I’d like to propose a feature that would allow us to have multiple experiences with in the same airports - mainly variable runway configurations.

For example, many airports will change runway directions, or even which runways are being used based on wind speed, wind direction, time of day, etc. I would like the game to take into account the real life weather data and use it to trigger changes in which runways are being used, and which direction they are active, as appropriate to the airport.

The game already takes into account temperature and real life weather in affecting graphics and triggering the deicing mini game. Adding this feature would give us SO much more depth of play experience in each airport.


I think a push and tow would be a great idea. If you don’t know what I am talking about. A push and tow is a type of pushback where an aircraft pushback normally and towed to a taxi way so they can start there engines. This procedure applys to stand with no room to start the engine up. For example at SXM one of the gates has a nearby fence. Soo they have to tow it to the next stand to avoid damage. Or PRG the Middle has a Terminal building in the way of the aircraft soo they have to tow it to avoid the terminal being damaged. I hope this idea might seem like a nice feature to add to airport with no clearance to startup there engines.

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I think it’s perfect and I don’t need any further editing

I would like to:

  • a hangar for my own planes that I don’t want to fly
  • a camera pointing behind the plane
  • unpopular opinion, but cancel the handlers and manage only the airport :yum: Yes, I pay for the automatic
  • be able to change the path to the gate
  • I would like to start with an airport in the field with a Cessna and gradually expand it to an international size with the money earned (related to various certificates, training and other necessary things) :sunglasses:
  • sort aircraft cards from oldest to bottom, or by tier

Planespotting mode,
I would suggest a planespotting mode where you can just watch the planes land and get finished up by the gc without having to do anything, but ofc you don’t get anything from the planes that are there.


I think it’s a relatively minor suggestion, but I need the devs to finally fix the camera position in aircraft view. Currently, high wing planes render as low wing, and all planes camera is positioned at the same point on the wing which is infuriating, because it doesn’t match the location of the windows.


Owning our own Fuel farms at the airport? Possibility to negotiate with fuel companies to deliver fuel to our own personal fuel farm at the airport, fuel would be cheaper as a result but we would have to pay a decent chunk of change to companies to help us store and transport fuel around the world to our airports?


(1) Change the International / Regional / Local Contract Structure

The way these are implemented just do not make sense. Currently in game from IAD - you have OAK → IAD via a Fedex plane marked as International. These are both in the USA, and definitely not international.

In Europe, pretty much every country is considered local and regional, despite not being in the same country as PRG / BRI / INN. This doesn’t make much sense in the scheme of things, so either the language needs to be changed or contracts recategorized. Oddly enough - Estonia’s Tallinn destination is the only destination that is marked as International in mainland Europe and Scandinavia. Overall, it feels inconsistent…

(2) Filters on the Landing List

To keep this making sense with what is in the fleet planes and AI contracts tabs, I’d like to see the following options to filter my land list:

Filters by Size - S M L X
Filters by Cargo / Pax
Filter by AI contract or your fleet plane


I think it would be great to be able to click on a stand and see which aircraft has been assign to it.


My suggestion is that if you make a contract all liverys that the airline uses/used on the plane (with the exception of special liverys) has a random chance to land. So for example a winair DHC6 has a 25% chance for any of the 4 liverys to appear in the landing queue.


I’d like to see another use for SP… mainly conversion to Wollars. Since 1 GP = 10,000 W in the base conversion, and 1000 / 1500 SP equates to a single GP, I’d like so see something like 2000 SP = 10,000 W / 1000 SP = 5,000 W / or 200 SP = 1,000 W. Something that makes the GP → Wollars still a better deal, but gives us more ways to spend the 125k SP sitting in my accounts with nothing to be spent on.

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The European union exists for a reason
There are inconsistencies here and there like Britain but otherwise yeah