New ideas

Please add radar in the game while playing so we can see planes moving between one country and another country .
Please add bus in the airport to pick up passengers from city.
If you can add please in the future the option of passenger view inside the plane and the airport.

If you can please add in the future historic jets of Prague airport history.

Please add option to change ticket price and add meals and entertainment services for passengers on board

Thank you so much

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Radar is there already - in-app radar would not be very clear anyway.
Own planes (their status is visible in “fleet list” on every airport)
Passangers - well with all stands on BRI, PRG its already pretty busy with clicking - not saying no but that could be to much.

Ticket price/meals - well its online game with global ranking - that would be not fair let users set prices as it would have impact on “result”.

More planes will come also some historical / special arrivals / events.

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Thank you so much for your amazing work :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

The takeoffs and landings need to be faster. I have 11 planes waiting to take off and 12 cleared to land at Prague airport. Only 4 planes being handled. The time frame is off. Only a few planes land and takeoff while a medium plane is turned around. Planes typically land every 3 minutes, if it takes an hour to handle a medium plane then 20 planes should be able to land.

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