New Leipzig Routes

With LEJ being introduced, I was kind of hoping for new routes to come out soon especially with airlines that already exist within other airports. What do you guys think about:

Memphis - FedEx 777F

Louisville - UPS 748F

Would definitely like to see these planes at LEJ especially since they already exist at other player airports and fly to LEJ in real life on a regular basis.

Probably not since both FedEx and UPS don’t fly to Leipzig.

UPS and FedEx use Cologne, so yeah adding those route you mention doesn’t make sense.

If you check any sources, they don’t so yeah wouldn’t really make senses

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Oh wow I had no idea. Thanks for sharing!

I guess it would not make sense to add them :sweat_smile:

just gonna say this (don’t mind the hd Melbourne aviation, I find a lot of ideas from him)

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Got to mention that A321P2F in the background, as well as some additional liveries for the DHL 757 (special liveries like the Grand Tour liveries, and that one seen behind the IL-76). The old DHL livery as seen on the A300B4F special arrival would also be nice for the 757 as a premium arrival.

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this as well

yknow just adding the IL76 would add way more routes

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I’ve just had a look through the WoApedia. There are 2 Fedex A300s which aren’t connected to anything, one from Paris CDG and the other from MEM. I do wonder if the CDG one was supposed to be for LEJ but forgotten about? I don’t see any issues with adding at least one FedEx and UPS 757 at LEJ, same goes for the A300s. Might not be realistic but adds a bit of variety to what is an airport full of DHL flights. LEJ also needs a few TUI aircraft added onto LPA. Getting some airlines onto routes that currently don’t have any such as FNC and OPO would be nice.

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A lot of people want to see that in the game