New Minigame

The new minigame and the update is great! I like the idea of the slots, that’s nice.

Just one point is really annoying. I have to play or press skip the new minigame on every of my own planes that arrives. Is there any chance to reduce the number of appearances? In my opinion it should appear randomly like the other minigame as well…
Especially in IAD I am scrolling through the tags like crazy now :smiley:

By the way, I am not very good in it yet, but it is fun. :smiley:


Like in other minigame after sometime airplane lands automaticaly.

Yeah, but that time is really long and it would cause a long traffic jam if I wait for that to happen, because no other departures and arrivals are coming through during that time…

Would be nice to not have that minigame on every own plane, at least that is my opinion.

Or a different option: Maybe a kind of pop-up in the middle of the screen that you don’t have to scroll all the way to the end to find the tag with the minigame. Don’t know of something like this is possible.


I heard rumors that different organization of bottom bars is “planned” not sure when it will happen but it will.


That’s good news!

can we get an option where we can disable all minigames please?


Yeah its quite annoying having to skip it every time. Slows down traffic a lot


It really needs an urgent fix… I am skipping minigames all the time. It destroys the game flow and fun completely.
An option to switch off all minigames would be best. These games are fun playing once or twice but more often is no fun at all.

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Probably the reason is reduculous amount of own planes :slight_smile: I land every single plane on any airport but i have maybe 45 in total.

I enjoy extra income for perfect landings 100/100 Since a long time i hoped for necessity to scrap a plane after 2 maintenance full rounds yet it didn’t happen yet. Its so unreal plane can fly forever unlimited number of nautical miles.

For me even ten planes would be too much. :wink: I prefer to take care of the ground handling and not playing a simulator. It would just be great if everyone can choose on their own without stopping all landings until you scrolled through all tags to find the skip button.

As long as maintenance D has the same costs plus a reduction of goldies, plus the time the plane is not available compared to buying a new plane there is no reason to complete even one circle anyway. Even maintenance C is too expensive compared to the new planes as long as you still get the full amount of goldies for the old one. So for me it is a kind of irrelevant how many circles are possible. Before the first maintenance C every plane gets scrapped anyway and I don’t think there are many people keeping their planes longer :wink: I think the whole cost structure needs an update, but that’s a different topic I think.

Scrolling was mentioned by me many times - priorities are there (not set by me). I already suggested to devs to have general feature to disable all minigames as unfortunately every update mainly creates hurricane of complains (no wonder who expect 1.000.000 accounts to have same opinion).

The reason to complete 2 rounds before plane goes scrap is that it can earny approx 20x its original value in a “life cycle”. But there was a huge wave of complains from players that planes can not be scraped… so we have a system when maintenance is half implemented in my opinion at least because you can fly a plane forever which is … weird.

You would be surprised - they do keep 500 planes then there are big room for complaining for everything that involves repeatitive action for all those 500 planes.