New Moderator

Hi everyone,

Wanted to introduce myself. My name is Andrew Whitelocks (also don’t mind Andy) and i currently reside out near Boston, MA. although i was born and raised in England. Some of you know me from Facebook, and the game at large, but i’ve also been on the forum for sometime. I’ve been playing since Nov 12th 2019, so not too long after the game started and i’m a huge fan of it. I also help run the World of Airport players group on Facebook.

Why is this of interest to anyone? Well as many regulars may note, the forum needs a little bit of TLC. So i talked to @kubasan about it and he agreed to allow me to moderate the forum, at least temporarily, we’ll see if it’s a permanent gig or not.

So here I am. I’m not a dev, coding is not my thing, (i sometimes wish it was), but I am going to try and get things up to date and running again. Folks have to remember this is a small team and they do their level best. I’m not going to have all the answers, but I am willing to work with folks to see how we can consolidate some of the ideas and issues here to make this an informative place and to get some of the answers you need.

I’m working my way through the system right now, to see what needs to be done and what i can relay to the team, but bear with me while i do that, it’s going to take me a while.

All i ask from everyone is that you are civil to each other and don’t bombard me with a million questions all at once, if we can start there, i’ll do my level best to give you the kind of support you are looking for here.

Thanks for reading and hope our paths cross very soon (in a good way)

Andy (carlsberg72)


Welcome, good to have new mod. I was completely disconnected due to real life issues but slowly getting back to playing and looking into forums as well.

Cheers Andy.


nice to see a friendly face return. :slight_smile:

Let’s catch up when you have some time. Just on the connections thing I would like implement by route…

Welcome back Shill.


Hello Andrew

I will try to support you a little bit :smile: and provide some info when needed.