New planes thoughts

Can we get some new Boeing planes some of the planes I would like to see make an AI would be
The Boeing 777-9
The Boeing 777-8
The Boeing 777-8F
The Boeing 747 Dream Lifter
Some liveries for all these aircraft
Plus liveries for the Antanov an 124 and
The Antanov an 225
And the Airbus beluga

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The beluga is in the game
And the 777X would be included once the actual aircraft are introduced in regular operations

I meant like add mode livery option to the beluga

They have the standard liveries already with the numbers on it
What else would you suggest?

Beluga and A225 are unlikely to happen as they were only operated by Airbus and only 1 unit respectively. Never designed for players to have a bunch of them.

777-8,9 and 8F aren’t even in revenue service yet, so those are unlikely to happen in the near future
Next Boeing planes will most likely be the 753 when that remodel takes place and the 737 next gen and max series when that gets done too.


When I look through the aircraft that already exist in the game, we have a high percentage of aircraft that look good. Very few of the models are remodelled. But on the whole it doesn’t look bad at all.

The models that I think need it the most are definitely B777LF, B748, B748F and B744F.

Everything else looks “ok” to good.


They shouldn’t be too hard to pop out
The 777-300 and the 747-400 are already updated
It’s just a matter of modification when their time comes

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