New playable airport ideas: Freight

With the game being so focussed around passenger airports, isn’t it about time that we propose a large freight hub as well? It opens the door to large scale operations of aircraft such as the MD-11 or upcoming A300, as well as smaller and larger freighters already in game.

So I propose we consider some of the following to play, as it would be a more unique game experience:

Cologne, CGN
Memphis, MEM
Anchorage, ANC
Louisville, SDF
Frankfurt Hahn, HHN
Leipzig, LEJ
East Midlands, EMA

If anyone else has any other airport ideas from this category then feel free to drop them below as well :slight_smile:


I agree. I think freight could be interesting.

As well, consider load logistics…

  • Long haul merged with short haul…
    E.g., 747F MEM-PRG, then 737Fs locally, based on what was hauled from MEM. Same in reverse.

  • Maybe same with people

  • Helps address sending planes back-to-back to the same airport. If no load, no pay.

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Also, airports like Cologne have a lot of smaller cargo airlines operating on behalf of the larger airlines. Such as Star Air or West Atlantic. Maybe pathing the way for the introduction of the 767?

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Consider this… the ability to log in with different names to create scenarios… In one, you could create the Amazon fleet network of 51 B767F and 22 B737F 22 along with hubs (as you mention, CGN, MEM, NGO), and routes.

I’m sure the login is tied to the IOS and Amazon play networks, so, probably not feasible.

I think, that because MEM is such a huge hub for FedEx, it would be a great addition. If you ever look on FR24 at 2am in Memphis, there is a huge amount of arrivals and departures that probably outweighs the usual big international airports like IAD or MCT

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Here you go…

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What’s amazing is the array of routes! Especially with the A300-600F and 757-200F. It would make them really profitable in game from either SDF or MEM