New Playable Airports - Middle East

Please use this thread for suggesting possible playable airports in the Middle East.
When suggesting, please think about the game itself before you post.
Preference is 1 to 2 runways and parallel (no crossing runways. Yet.

For the purposes of this thread the following countries will be included. Do NOT request any additional countries to be added or removed, they will not be. They will either fall into Europe/Asia or Africa as a appropriate from their geography.

Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Palestine. Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, UAE and Yemen

  1. Airport name
  2. Airport Location
  3. IATA airport code (the 3 letter one)
  4. Main runway used/length of runway.
    4a. Passenger and/or cargo
  5. Screenshot of airport
    5a. Main airlines that utilize airport or are based there.
  6. A list of 20 initial destinations that could be set up for it
  7. Why you think this airport would be good for the game.

Please submit airports one at a time. Multiple airports on one post WILL be deleted
Check existing thread before adding new requests

  1. Dubai International Airport

  2. Dubai

  3. DXB

  4. 12R/30L is 4,447 m × 60 m (14,590 ft × 197 ft), 12L/30R is 4,000 m × 60 m (13,120 ft × 200 ft)

4a. Both

5a. Emirates, FlyDubai, Air India Express, Indigo and FedEx Express

  1. Toronto, Beijing, Paris, Mumbai, Delhi, London, Lagos, Riga, Karachi, Lahore, Istanbul, Kabul, Baku, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Cape Town, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Mauritius, Tokyo, Jeddah and many others…

Airport Name: Jeddah King Abdulaziz International
Airport Location: Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Runway:16L/34R(4,000m), 16C/34C(4,000m), 16R/34L(3,800m)
Passenger and/or cargo: Both

Destinations possible: All existing airports in the game (INN, BRI, PRG, IAD, NGO, SAN, LEJ, SXM, and future airports that confirmed, that is, LHR and DEL), with other airports in the world, NRT/HND, KIX, ICN, PEK/PKX, PVG, CAN, TPE, HKG, BOM, SIN, KUL, BKK, DXB, AUH, DOH, IST, FRA, CDG, AMS, MAD, FCO, BOS, JFK/EWR, MIA, IAH, ORD, LAX, SFO, YVR…

Main airlines: Saudia(SV), Flynas(XY), Flyadeal(F3)


  1. This airport is famous for its Hajj Terminal, which is used to handle passengers for Hajj in Mecca due to the proximity to that city. It would be a recognition of the significance (both in civil aviation and architecture) of this terminal to add this airport in the game.
  2. This airport has different types of terminals, including the aforementioned Hajj Terminal, remote stands only South Terminal and North Terminal, a very large scale VIP terminal (this also means we may have plenty of VIP transporters), and a modern new terminal. Players can choose which part they feel more like to play with.
  3. Although this airport has three independent runways, which may be not pretty ideal for this game considering modest performance of mobile chips… On the other end of the spectrum, this may also increase the total amount of airplanes that player can actually handle at the same time. If DEL is indefinitely delayed, this may be good alternative for players that would like to have an ideal spot for silver plane mining.

hey guys i was wondering if Woa should add DXB as i recon it would be cool for all those emirates lovers who dont seem to get many emirates contracts well if your a emirates fan youve come to the right place as i recon Woa should add DXB because DXB is emirates home base and serves so many destinations with the real dubai terminals and you can see planes do the massive departure and another thing i recon they should add is a passenger inside plane view so you can watch your aircraft or your contract aircraft fly over the globe to make it like your a passenger i reconas another feature with the airport is aircraft sqwauking 7700 as you know emergancies do happen but what if we could have them in game i recon that it it would make it fell like a real airport and you can see planes do a super long final and holding patterns and watch them the whole time onfinal i recon this would be a great addition let me know your thoughts

  • DXB should be added with the features
  • DXB should be added later
  • DXB should be added in the Syd update so we get 2 airports in 1
  • should we have a emergancy function for Woa?
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let me know your thoughts :thinking:

This was said in the recent dev chat on Discord:


That shouldn’t be a huge issue, because if you think of it, lej, prg, and inn are all about the same distance from eachother as mct to dxb

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Sorry mate, but I kinda have to disagree here. (Ignore the line from DXB to BRI)
*Although LEJ-PRG is the only route that is shorter

Huge or not, it is a dev point of view and they are the ones that make the decisions.


The thing is both DXB and MCT are large, mostly passenger airports, whereas LEJ and PRG are different (as that’s the closest you have distance wise to compare), where one is a cargo hub and the other is a mostly passenger airport, and is a fair bit smaller than the other

Speaking of middle eastern airports, If the Devs decided to add another airport in the middle I won’t be surprised if it is an Iranian airport

1: Beirut Rafic Hariri airport
2: Lebanon
4: Runway 16 is used most for landing anf runway 21 for takeoff

6: Dubai, Amman, Istanbul, London, Paris, Frankfurt, Baghdad, Athens, Zurich, Doha, Cairo, Larnaca, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Muscat, Tehran, Sharjah, Addis Ababa, Amsterdam, Riyadh
6: The layout of the airport makes it really enjoyable to play with a good overview of all the action that happens at a airport, with 3 runways close to each other it is easy to play. For me personally I enjoy small aiport more than big airports. SXM is by far my favourite , like similair as BEY, the airport terminal is small and close to each other to be on top of the action.


It Would be so nice to see Beirut Airport in the game!


Kuwait international airport
is an airport with 2 runways
It hoses Kuwait airways and jazzerh airways
It serves 50,000,000+ passengers
popular routes are:
I think I if u add it it isn’t going to be complicated and it going to be great when the 330 Neo remodel comes not that close to MCT so u can see if it is good or bad

thank you for reading
BYE :wave:


This is an excellent candidate.

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Read this

It’s not DXB

Obviously. It is to illustrate that, in my opinion, the devs seem to think that one “big” airport in that region is sufficient for now. There are other areas in the world that have no airport at all. I think these airports will come sooner than another one in the Middle East.