New player. Is this right?

I just started yesterday. All I’ve been doing for a few hours is handling two planes at a time and upgrading the services so they can handle them faster. It seems to be going verrrrry slowly. I’m not sure what unlocking destinations or arrivals does or how to make money any faster. To unlock the next airport you need to handle like 25k passengers and even after playing up to level 5 so far I’m less than a quarter of the way there.

Am I going to be doing two planes over and over for days?

Thanks in advance

You can unlock more stands and unlock more destinations so that planes coming from those destinations would take up those thands for handeling
the game starts slow but becomes intresting as you go on playing.

To get more planes you need to do two things.

  1. You need to buy new arrivals (Button No. 1)

    In this example you would buy an arrival (and departure) from Malaga for 2500 ₩ , but I would buy closer destinations first (can’t show them because I got them already).
  2. You need to buy more stands. Tap the green marked Button.

    and the screen changes to this

    where you can buy S (I think 2000 ₩) or M (4000 ₩) stands.
    This will help first to get more arrivals.
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At level 2 you get your first own plane.
When you tap button No. 2 you can buy your own planes

For example an AT43 for 22000 ₩

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Use the green SPEED UP button to handle planes faster.

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Thanks for the replies.

I unlocked a couple of stands and a cargo spot but I have no cargo planes coming in. Do I need to unlock them?

Also I had a steady stream of arrivals but now I get “no arrivals available”. What happened to all the planes I had coming in?

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it’s an algorithm of how many stands you have, how many are available and how recently the planes have arrived at your airport. Continuing to open destinations and stands will make this disappear, one day you will end up with more planes in your queue than you ever need to worry about. Patience at the start of this game is a virtue, if you get through that, you will be fine

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Keep playing. This game is worth it :+1:

Thanks all. I will keep with it.

How do I get cargo planes to come to my airport?

By unlocking them for the required destination in the Connections menu.


(Just in case you’re looking for specific size cargo flights, be sure you choose the right one). This is Medium. I’m not sure if you open a gate and not select a gate you won’t get a random cargo flight - best way is to open the gate and unlocking the flight.

Yes, definitely worth it.