New Players

Hey I’m new to this game…maybe there are other new Players here who want to connect? Curtently looking for an INN-BRI connection

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Want to connect? I have some aircrafts based at INN and can start sending them if you’d like.


@JaySe3 I sent a request to your INN from my BRI, feel free to add me the other way around once you get to BRI

I also need a connection guys.
Can you please explain how the whole connection thing works??

When you make a connection you will send planes to each other. So every plane you send from Inn to Bri goes to your connection partner. He will handle it on his airport and send it back. You need your own fleet to fly with those planes. Also you make some achievements for a golden plane while doing that.

Okay, thanks for the explanation.
It all makes sense now.