New Suggestions

I have a few suggestions to make.

  1. Make one stand for one category of planes only. Like small stands can’t have option of medium stand with it, large stand can’t have extra large stand with it.

  2. Helicopter has stopped coming in Innsbruck airport. Make it happen.

  3. How about naming this game as “World of Aviation” rather than “World of Airports”? As this game deals with multiple airports, multiple airlines, and multiple aircraft manufacturer like Boeing and Airbus.

Thank you.

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There were helicopter arrivals into INN? Could you explain further as i never heard of this.

As for this, i do understand where youre coming from but the core gameplay is airport related. You have no interaction or anything to do with the airlines themselves, you just service their arrivals. As i said core gameplay is airport related.

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Probably a broken translation from Arabic or something.
1 Stand for multiple plane tiers is already in development.
2 Helicopters are cool. But how often, if at all, does IRL Innsbruck serve them?

There is one helicopter stand, I think it is the ÖAMTC rescue helicopter, which is there IRL as well, you can see there sometimes. Nothing you need to unlock, just play a while and keep an eye on it.

It is rarely and not there right now :slight_smile:


One minute later it has arrived. :smiley:


This is literally brand new news for me. Now that you mention this there is an area of PRG which i have been keeping my eye on for a while bcs i think it was updated a few updates ago and its a helipad. Devs might be hinting something :wink:

Here it is

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It’s ok, don’t be aggressive. It was just a suggestion. :slightly_smiling_face:

I wasn’t intending to be agressive, nor do i think i came of as such. IMO no reason to flag the post. Could you tell me which part of my anwser you thought was agressive? Maybe it was a misunderstanding?
Edit: i have rewritten the part which i think might have confused you

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That little helicopter in INN is not only an adorable decoration(well yeah it is 6m long or so machine with blades rotating at half speed of sound but somehow game distorts my perception of it). It brings 50w profit per landing. I didnt notice this until I stared at the landing spot for 10 minutes, waiting its arrival and departure. So I think it might be a hint that player managed helicopter landings will be thing in a future.


When you said 2 things :

  1. It is none of your business.
  2. You see I only keep handling airplane.

Although second one could be misunderstanding, first one wasn’t. It did felt bad. Being a lover of this game, and wanted to improve, not said by me as u must name, but was only a suggestion. Itz ok by the way, I appreciate your edited reply. May be in heat of situation you replied that. Peace now everywhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

Aaaah just as i thought about the first one. Wasnt written in the heat of the situation, as i said i had no bad intentions in mind. I wanted to say, as i did in the edit, that you dont have anything to do with the airlines except service their planes. Sorry that came off in a negative way :slight_smile:


Did you know that you can send it? Just tap on the helicopter :+1::slightly_smiling_face:

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