New taxiing system


What changes have been made to the taxiway system in 2.3.0? Is it just new logic, or can the players interact more with taxiing aircraft?

I’m asking because I was hoping we’d see changes to which exit the planes would take from the runway, particularly in MCT.


I think it’s updating pathing with some new logic (not entirely sure tbh).

The most noticeable changes are at LHR, for example, aircraft parking at Terminal 5A will use the entire runway and vacate near T5, and because they are gradually slowing down on the runway instead of vacating where they use to, they get to stand considerably quicker than before.

It also looks as if the taxi and pushback speeds have been increased? I’m not overly sure on that but everything seems to move around a lot quicker.


Interesting. I would prefer it if aircraft would vacate the runway quickly so that more arrivals could happen in a shorter period of time, but it seems the devs want to cut down on taxi times and complexity.


It is a logic update only, and paves the way for some new stuff later like emergencies or players choosing routes. It was also supposed to stop planes from colliding or getting stuck. As a byproduct some taxi routes were changed slightly

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Maybe another thing that can help apart from planes getting off the runway quicker and get more planes on arrival is having the gate be free as soon as they pushback or even when the handling is complete
It might be a bit far fetched but I was thinking of how UATC did it and usually planes kept landing regardless of open gates and they’d wait for a gate to open
Maybe that could be something the devs could consider in their own way to have the airport be more busy as well

If you want more arrivals friends, add more contracts and you will see the difference from your airport before, I have added 400 contracts to all my airports and they always stop full

With the new way out for planes which are heading for T5, it takes them about to 1,25 minutes to clear the runway. Before the update it took them 1,1 minutes to get to the taxiway.
While I can fully support the decision to sort the taxiway and prevent collisions, I am not sure if this will provide it, that the planes are going to land faster and get to the stand. When in contrast, the speed of the boarding procedure and the pushbacks are faster. (Pushbacks for L and X planes in RL takes much longer)

Btw, it takes 50 seconds for M planes to land, if they are connected to T2. Quite a difference when you are using the Tower Manager.


I just had an E170 land at LHR and go to T5. It rolled down the entire runway, to the very last exit. That’s like 3.2 km.

Kinda impractical.


We have a word for it in Germany,
Roughly translated it means to make things worse while attempting to improve them.

I was also hoping that the new taxi system addresses the issue with runway crossings from T4, but it sadly doesn’t.
However, I am certain that the Devs will fix it if they have the time.


Isn’t the only logical way that the plane vacate the runway as soon as possible like in real life? So the next plane can land… I would love it to be that way since I am trying to play realisticly

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3.2km for an e170 is BRUTAL

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Alright for real… what happened to the taxi system at LHR?

That airport already suffers from obnoxiously long taxi times which leads to the airport staying empty, why did they make it so much worse?


The devs apparently are obsessed to keep taxi speed so slow, even in real life pilots increase taxi speeds to 30 knots in long stretches etc…but the devs have different idea and the 6% you buy with silver planes are useless


Well, no, that’s not what I’m saying. The taxi speed doesn’t really matter, it’s the fact that they stay on the runway the entire time while reduces the amount of arrivals that come in


Something which high speed exits would help with massively.


I also think that having stands be available as soon as planes are ready for pushback or even after handling is complete will have more planes landing consecutively

Stacking aircraft onto stands would be useful, so if one arrives early you get to experience the classic waiting for the stand to clear.

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I think old 1.5 was how UATC land planes because of time limit.

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Because I’m In Bari and PRG I’ve seen nothing new about the taxi?

New taxi system did not change the way planes taxi, only the logic. Also added room for future updates