New timers update

Really really annoying the timers now reset to zero everytime I log in, almost becoming a game breaking experience. What happened? Why the decision? Is it permanent?

Are you trying to play on multiple devices, if you are then it’s definitely an issue and not one that has a plan to be resolved as far as I know. I have that issue switching from iPad to iPhone and back. if not then that’s something the devs might want to look at for you. @shill can get you to the right way for reporting the issue, because I’ve been playing since November and not had that issue on a single device at all.

No I just play on one device Samsung galaxy S10 510gb. Suddenly 5 days ago or so whenever I play all timers are reset there was no game update. Looks like someone switched things local side only, therefore progress (stand timers) are not saved server side.

Wanted to add that it only happens at Nagoya airport.