New to the forum and Game

Hi im new to the forum
Ive just started to play the game. I love it its really good.

I,ve started at innsbruck. My questions are
Does everyone start here and build upto bigger airports?
Also i only have small aircraft landing at the moment.

How do i get bigger aircraft? Ive 3 x gates and upgraded all my ground operations


Yes, everyone starts at Innsbruck. Or you can also get Prague for free by scanning this qr code. (Last time I checked, the qr code only works on Android.)

As for how to get bigger planes to land at your airport, you have to buy Advanced handling first which costs ₩5000, and that will enable you to build bigger stands for bigger planes.

Thank u so much for replying and the info

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yes, we all start from d einnsbruck and with small planes but when you reach level 20 they will give you 10,000 wollars, I recommend that with that money you buy what allows M planes to arrive and buy a seat, it is easy to go to the next airport , the airports are not classified from the largest to the smallest, I go in SAN and I recommend that you be patient in NGO (nagoya) because it is a very small airport and it is difficult to go to the next airport

every time you go to another airport you start with small planes, just like you are right now, since the idea is to improve airports from scratch

I started with M Planes and worked up to L/X planes and two S planes - Civil/Cargo. Look BUY $20.00 to get 100 GP and then each 1 GP = W$100,000.00 which can open an Airport to buy M/L/X and CARGO M/L/X Stands. Stands at other ones cost more over $10-25,000.00 in Wollars.

Ten Thousand is peasant money for starters.

Good luck.

I do not advise you to buy golden planes, progress will be delayed but you will be able to put the airport to your liking and in your time, also it is not so difficult to go from airports