New update 2.3 WOA

When the new update gets release, a couple of questions I have for the developers or administrator.

  1. Will the game be reset including levels and all playable airports.
  2. How do I unlock London (Heathrow) airport?
  3. Will we be able to keep our gold and silver coins?
  4. Can we transfer our current fleet from an existing airport to Heathrow?
  5. Will there be more available ground crew vehicles available? For example Leipzig has lots of ground crews to accommodate a lot of airplanes in cargo and passengers.

no, progress wont be reset

I assume you mean 2.1 not 2.3. 2.1 will not include LHR and I suspect LHR will come as 2.2 not 2.3

  1. No
  2. As per any other airport. Either by golden planes (estimate 16-20) or levels via most likely SXM
  3. Yes, those have never been taken away ever. So why would they start now. Also you will likely start with the normal 10K etc. with a cash injection from level 1.
  4. Nope
  5. That’s up to the devs, I am sure some relational calculations

How about tower manager is it using silver planes to manage, or do you need to unlock it.

I’m not going to say everything, because the devs would likely kill me. However I do not believe it will be an unlock feature. But it will require SP’s to utilize.

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Oh Thanks.

I think they confirmed in dev chat that it uses sp to run for a certain length of time.

I think you can transfer some of the planes that you get as level rewards (outlined blue). But not the ones with the ribbon (outlined red).

But that’s technically not a base transfer. Just claimimg it at another airport

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