New update released - 2.2.2

World of airports 2.2.2

  • New B463 airplane remodel in cargo and pax
  • New LHR Graphic tweaks and bug fixes
  • New airline liveries
  • Performance improvements etc.

It’s basically just the 463 and double jet bridges at Heathrow. Given the lack of release notes and that it’s like midnight for the devs it almost feels like an accidental release

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Yea, I was really hoping that they remodel some of the taxiway and taxiway lighting at LHR. The current situation compared to taxiways at IAD is really lacking.

Also… how do you miss this? This is really low hanging fruit to get right so I’m surprised this wasn’t caught if this is the intended release candidate.


This is definitely an accidental release


@CJ_RVWilliams I would recommend to sent to the picture and the logo for the airlines to the Devs on the bottom are the logos


The game crashes every 5 minutes

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Well I also hoped the landing/taxing speed of the S&M cargo planes towards the S&M Cargo stands would have been fixed but I still see that an ATR42F takes ages to exit the runway. At least the crossing the runway issues seem to have been fixed

Whist it’s good, Sadly adding the pointless vehicles moving about the airport has made the airport laggy even on the iPhone 14. Which makes sense why the other airports also lags. Tbh we don’t really need them or should have an option if we want them or not.

Are you sure it’s the vehicles? There’s barely any of them. But I do agree with the fact that there should be an option to turn them on/off


Since it came out Heathrow never lagged, but other airports with vehicles do lag then todays update added vehicles to LHR and it now lags.

INN, sxm, ngo and bri have vehicles but they don’t lag. In fact, the only airport that actually has lag as serious as lhr right now is iad. I think the problem is they didn’t get the time to polish the game because(it is estimated) they accidentally released the update early. I won’t be surprised if we get a bug fix update a week or so from now.

Someone else mentioned about the vehicles on the socials said they use a lot of RAM, San Diego gets lag as well. Innsbruck hardly has any vehicles and not done NGO in the new version of the game. If Washington still has lag then LHR will still have it, tbh wish I didn’t do update now pity can’t undo it.

And yes they have to release something as no engine thrust reverses work anymore.

Two aircraft where reverse thrust isn’t working.


Reverse thrust issue identified by devs and will be fixed in 2.2.3, no more posts about it please


I can’t replicate any crashing issues on my iPhone SE or iPad Pro related to the sudden addition of vehicles. As far as I am concerned, this game runs smooth as butter!


It’s not crashing on me but lags if you watch aircraft land, taxi or take off. Where before it ran smooth like butter.

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