New version of PRG

Will we have it as some kind of event airport with competitions of best airport etc. or will it be just basic airport 'cause I do not feel so motivated to build same airport again with some differences.

The general understanding is that it’s going to be designed as an offline version so you won’t have connections and the like, but can build out the extra terminal space and 2nd runway.
So it will be a different challenge, but unless they have something else up their sleeves (possible) that’s probably as far as it will go.
I like the offline idea, so you can play when internet is spotty like On a car trip or plane, you don’t need to access to play

That sounds like good idea, even though I have internet in EU (except on sea and air of course), I think I would play it just for fun.

Devs have agreement with Prague Airport that is why they will at some point introduce 2nd version of PRG.

It will be available in online and offline version of the game, however for offline version plan is not to include all content of the game (so possibly only one airport) as general idea is to have online experience.

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