Newbie question: way to claim my rewards

As a new player in WOA, I find it odd that sometimes I can claim my rewards from icons aligning on the right-hand side (lile handling a plane) but most of the time I have to go into the Contracts menu to claim them, which requires multi clicks. Could anyone let me know the differences?

I believe you mean claiming the reward from a completed contract and then upgrading it. If so there’s a little delay, so it will always first pop up in your contracts thingy and after that on the right of your screen. There’s no difference in where you claim it, only you can’t upgrade the contract in the contract thingy only on the right side of your screen

Thanks for clarifying for me. Yes I mean the rewards after completing a contract and yes I can see the icon pops up after a not-so-little delay, which in my case is almost half a minute.

I think this may have something to do with network latency or server load, as I can observe that almost every interaction goes to the server and the interface waits for the response to react.

I have to correct myself though. You can upgrade or extend the contract in the contract thingy.