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Just asking, are our terrorist groups connected or what

They are connected well originally hasn’t but now all 3 are partnering up to become the greatest terrorist is history.

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An explosion in Helsinki airport has occured where the airport was holding the Russian refugees, or those we assumed to be

The current cause is unknown but it is presumed that one of the passengers was a suicide bomber that snuck over the border in a plane of refugees

The current numbers of dead and injured are still unknown

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Sorry, was just attempting to make it interesting

(imma update this situation to be less deadly, if that’s not good enough, we can just say it never happened)

Info has come out that the bomb was In a secluded baggage area away from any civilians and no deaths or injuries occured, however airport officials are looking into the cause of the explosion

Bluebird rejects Airbus’s A350 proposal

Above: a Bluebird 747 and A300, Clipper Honolulu and Clipper San Diego seen at Nagoya Airport.

Bluebird Airlines has publicly rejected Airbus’s proposal for several new A350 aircraft.

After Bluebird purchased two used A380s back from Airbus, the manufacturer made an offered for several new A350s, in both the -900 and -1000 variant. They also offered a demonstrater that conducted several flights between the airline’s hubs in London and Tokyo.

Despite expressing initial interest in the aircraft, Bluebird found the A350’s performance to be “severely lacking and too expensive to maintain compared to the 777s and 747s which make up the backbone of our international fleet” the airline stated in an open letter.

Instead, Bluebird has expressed interest in the 787-8 or 767 for future aircraft purchases. The airline has already phased out its A319 and A320 fleet, and is looking to replace its remaining aging A330 aircraft in service.

This announcement likely means no Airbus aircraft will be joining Bluebird’s worldwide fleet in the near future and will soon leave the A380, A300, and A220 as the only remaining Airbus aircraft in the airline’s fleet.


Breaking News

Andrew Foxer was in court today after he was found bribed by a terrorist in a British bar. The 17 year old was found Guilty of property damage and possessing beer under the age of 18. He was sent for 7 years in jail.

The UN has successfully removed all terrorist to Afghanistan Syria and Russia and will be facing sanctions until they are not terrorists.

I will promise this tomorrow will be the last day of the saga.

Hooter’s air returns, or old aircraft to someone new?
Incident at Bari! Horsepower air having problems with the mafia?
And an update on the environmental terrorists
All this and more, on aviation news

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In tonight’s first story: horsepower air has purchased two aircraft from the late hooters air. A 737-400 and a 757-200. Both aircraft have been sent to horsepower air’s newest home base of Dulles and will be begining operations in the near future under the hooters air livery. “we will keep the liveries as a special plane for domestic routes within the states” says the CEO of horsepower air, “we hope that the liveries will bring some nostalgia for those who knew the airline in the 90s. However we will note, all flights in board those aircraft will be completely family friendly”

in our next story. Horsepower air had another aircraft break in at Bari International today. A DH8D had a group of armed individuals board the craft and take hostage of the pilots. the aircraft was swiftly retake thanks to the help of the Italian police force that was guarding the apron, however the intentions of the boarders were supposedly because a pilot owned the Italian mafia money, maybe the CEO should look into that?

And finally,
The environmentalists gone radical have caused yet more problems within the aviation world, with the breaking into schipol airport and vandalizing multiple KLM and city liner aircraft before they were stopped by airport security. These breaks ins have been happening across the world, with some reported in toronto, London gatwick, and Salt Lake City. The UN has pushed out more reccomend actions for higher airport and aircraft security, which the airports have followed for the safety of staff.

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All Change For Primary Air?

Bari is currently the main hub for cargo operations.

Today the CEO of Primary Air has released a statement on where the future of the airline rests after activity had been quite for a while. He stated -"We are working hard behind the scenes to get back to regular activity, we are also restructuring aswell. Primary Air operates a number of ATR43 freighters across the globe and although these are workhorses, they are beginning to become inadequate to the amount of cargo demand.

Primary Air has two options, move cargo operations to Leipzig and improve the cargo fleet, or pull out of the cargo market. This decision will decide the next path of the airline."

Will there be a spot open for Primary Air Cargo at Leipzig?

The airline has rumours to axe the cargo side of the company and talks with Airbus have revealed interest in the A350-1000. Which step wil the airline take?


Last day of Ground crew terrorist saga

Air travel is back up and running. Only this time there is much stricter security. All of the revoked ground handling companies are back in operation and IATA has passed a new rule where if an airport has terrorist activity it must be shut down for at least a week. It has been an absolute adventure of EASA, FBI and the UN to stop terrorism from happening again. There has been loss of money, there has been disruption but the most important thing is it is becoming safer and safer.

Skylines Security is expanding more and more to new places on earth and is now an armed security company in case of severe terror.

But before I end It I have one last really important message to everyone to share. As you know this is a fictional story but some people think it is ok to do it in real life. That is completely unacceptable today, if you see anyone after security acting suspiciously or anything suspicious, please report these to security staff at the airport, you know what they say in the UK transport, See it, Say it, Sorted


Forgot to add if it’s running :rofl:

Forgot to add British Transport Police. I don’t know if it is still running as I haven’t been to the UK for a while, we’ll expected for Northern Ireland, but still :confused:

Yep, it’s still running

I knew it :smiling_face_with_tear:

Idk why but sorted seems like such a British word to use I’m not even surprised lol. I think our overall phrase for TSA and other security in the U.S. is “see something, say something”.

I don’t know if they where start running as I haven’t been to the US in a while, 2018 was the last time I was there. Meanwhile that British phrase “See it, Say it, Sorted” is probably to report Anti social behaviour and crime on public transport in the UK

Orange Air restructures it’s Airport operations.

Orange Air announced today that it is taking a new direction for the airports of WOA currenty under active management. It started with “mothballing” IAD, which now is Airplane Maintenance and Regeneration Facility (AMARF US) for AWA Alliance members. PRG is now also equipped as AMARF (EU) with MCT undergoing the same proces for AMARF (ME).

The CEO expressed his disappoinment over LHR which is not quite what was expected in his opinion. Airport operations are too slow to represent a realistic picture for a facility of that size. Therefore the decision has been made to stop investments for LHR. Services for contracts and commitment to the AWA Alliance will be maintained at the current level.

The big change is happening at LEJ. This airport is further expanded with new contracts to stimulate the Cargo operations within WOA. It’s location is ideally situated for servicing the major WOA airports in Europe, the US and Middle East.

The dual runway opportunity was a major factor in this decision. Almost twice as many airplanes can be handled in the same timeframe compared to other airports. This contributes massively to SP’s and Wollars. And thus making future investment secure.

With this exansion, Orange Air hopes to become a “household name” in Cargo operations as well as it is now for it’s Passenger services.

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Not again… May need to check the background of your employees before hiring! :laughing:

Unlike last time this time there adding lots of regulations for ground crew personals not to mention all the terrorist from Countries that have been fired and removed.