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The AAIB is investigating a Ukraine International 737-800 that collided with a brand new Royal air Maroc 737 Max8. It is very likely that these 2 Aircraft has been Damaged Beyond Repair and will most likely be used for parts and scrapped.
The AAIB is currently looking at the CCTV footage and the ground handler who was responsible for the pushback of the Ukraine International has since been arrested and changed with.

  • Destruction on airport property
  • Not listening to ATC or the other handler
  • Killing the pilots and 12 passengers of the 737 MAX8 and severely in 45 passengers and 2 cabin crew.
  • Ran away from scene.

Heathrow made a statement: Flight to and from London Heathrow will be suspended until tomorrow morning where we move the aircraft to a hangar for investigation. All passenger on the Ukraine International and Royal air Maroc flight will receive £20000 compensation and the refund of there ticket.


ECO News
More information about LHR incident yesterday.

A Skylines Handling ground crew is in jail after he deliberately collided a 737-800 into a Brand new 737-Max8. 17 year old Andrew Foxer was found to be in violation of passenger safety on top of it he also was caught on camera in a bar drinking Beer after he bribed a liquor to hand him the beer. It is illegal for a person under the age of 18 to drink beer in a bar.
He will make an appearance in Court on Friday afternoon but since then he is no longer with Skylines Handling.

CEO of Skylines Handling says: We are under pressure from the AAIB and the IAA to find any drunk under aged employees working with us. Those involved brought shame on Skylines brand, Shame on the Airport and brought shame on their families and themselves. He also said that he will pass new regulations in the future which includes:

  • No taking Bribes from bars
  • No drinking beer under the age of 18 in Europe 21 in North America.
  • No makeing threats to other ground handlers.
    He said anyone who is caught violated there regulations could have them arrested and/or have there ground crew licence revoked.

A similar incident has occurred at IAD. Reports question if this is a coincidence, or a deliberate act by a group.


Terrorist group confirmed, similar incidents reported at Nagoya and Innsbruck after a collision between an ITA e170 and a Austrian DH8D leaves 4 injured and 1 in critical condition

Announcement from the tranquility alliance member, horsepower air:
“as of recent we have noticed that the group crews at two of our airports have performed unsafe ground movement and have decided to halt all operations until investigation has weeded out the invididuals who have performed the actions. We are working with local authorities and the airlines, along with other ground crew contractors such as skylines handling. We send our condolences to those who lost loved ones in the UIA and royal air maroc collision”
This is george Gregor reporting from Innsbruck


News from Heathrow airport sponsored by Carlsberg

Our largest carrier British Airways are proud to announce the simultaneous handling of all 7 of their flagship A388’s. It’s been a long time coming to organize said chairman Sean Doyle. “But we believe now that business is returning since Covid. It was an important statement to make that British Airways is ready and waiting to take you to the world”


Urgent news

After a very serious incident at Heathrow on Saturday afternoon, Several Incidents from @Plane_Enthusiast and @horsepowergeek was caused by terrorists disguised as ground handlers deliberately collided with aircraft.

As a result the IAA, AAIB, EASA and the FOCA has Temporarily shut down, Skylines Handling, Sky Handle Partner, Aer Lingus Ground Handle BA Handling and Swissport due to Concerns about terrorism at the airport working with companies.

Skylines Aviation Group now under pressure from the IAA has launched an immediate Investigation for cruel treatment from ground handles reported at Dublin, London Heathrow, Manchester, Gran Canary, Cishinau and Dalaman. Skylines Aviation Group CEO has said: we will be reviewing all the ground crew personal and conducting an interview, we will revoke there licence if they failed at any certain level.
More companies will be looking forward to here the case against Andrew Foxer and Heathrow.


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Stay tuned as tomorrow there will be more and more of this saga evolving

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Well another day another Ground handling Terrorist Saga information today.

Skylines Aviation Group has revoked 150 licences due to the terrorist information this was a half of all the applications the reason is so shocking that I will talk about it on Thursday due to the severity of the situation. Skylines has also announced that they will fund €1000,000 to Skylines Security to hopefully do a full reform to increase safety.

EASA has also temporarily shut down Wizz Handling in Hungry due to terrorism working there.

Meanwhile a whistleblower working in UIA and was involved in the incident with Royal Air Maroc said that although there was some passengers on board there was also carrying supplies for the War in eastern Ukraine. The Female whistleblower said that she is in utter shock on what happend last Saturday.

So the question arises did terrorist bribed Andrew Foxer to slow down Ukraine Support?


News from horsepower handling:
After the recent Innsbruck accident, which happened under the eye of ramp agent Johann Glenn, a senior agent with horsepower handling, Austrian Airlines has decided to press charges in the agent for damages of the aircraft, however during investigation, Johann was found to be bribed by an unknown individual

upon the news from the whistle blower on the UIA flight, one of the Austrian pilots also came out to say that: “our flight was a relief flight to Kyiv Boryspil, a special flight that Austrian was operating in secret, and on board we had many relief supplies for Ukrainian troops”

Horsepower air and handling had this to say to us: “in light of the recent views, we have begun to investigate our ground crew as well as work with the austrian, Czech, and Italian police forces from our three primary hubs in those regions. Johann has been let go and we are letting go more handlers if we find any to be associated with this presumably Russian group”

This is George Gregor, from Innsbruck Austria


Another day another piece of Terrorist Saga

The AAIB, FAA and the FBI is getting closer and closer to figure out where the terrorist came from the news will be punished tomorrow.

Skylines Aviation Group has almost revoked all the licences that are believed to be terrorists.

Andrew Foxer is actually a really toxic person some of the quotes you are about to here about him is absolutely chilling.

“Would you be with a person who is homophobic and drinks beer underaged? I would.” From Toby

“I would be shocked if the handling companies promote this t**D” from Paul

“This is a joke. This guy is ridiculous” from Rosie

“He is even worse than Trevor Jacob” from Harry

“This guy even took my Honey during lunch” from Winnie the Pooh

Again all of the quotes was from employees who talked to Andrew Foxer over his 2 years of his career.

2 more incidents from Skylines Aviation Group has reported.
The first was on Eco Aviation flight 785 from Dubai to Odessa carrying supplies before being hijacked and diverted to Izmir. 3 passenger died in the incident while a 56 passenger was injured 23 seriously injured.

The 2nd incident was Eco Aviation flight 2087 from Dublin to Iasi where the A320 collided with an Aer Lingus A330 from Dublin to Chicago. The A320 tail hit the wing of the A330 during pushback and caused a fuel leek which caused a fire and caused a massive explosion so powerful enough to hear it 10km away. Everyone on both flights died from the explosion as well as a 23 people on the ground and severely injured 1967 people on the ground. On board the A330 was 245 people on board and on the A320 there was 180 people on board.

Which in turned caused the UN to issue a full travel Shut down to all flights. It was the only chance to stop terrorism from happening. It is the 2nd time it happened after the pandemic and it will be interesting to know after that incident. Will aviation return to pre pandemic levels after the shutdown is lifted?


Horsepower handling and tower management story update

Another incident! Today a xaimen air 788 had a wingtip collision with a TAAG Angola 77W, causing major damage to the tail of the 77W and the 788 became unflightworthy due to wingtip damage
Image source: Anonymous planespotting on YouTube

“this is assumed to be the fault of the ground crew because it was discovered that the 77W was still another 30 feet from the required stop line. The Marshall is currently being investigated”

In other news
World shut down on flight due to major concerns, what do airlines have to say?
Horsepower air’s CEO said this to us: “the shut down of flight is the best option we have, after various partners lost their aircraft, the best example being the two eco aviation flights, and our own being almost hijacked”
Reference: Horsepower air 63, KIDA-KSLC, a Saab 340 that was almost hijacked, however the hijackers were pushed out of the cockpit thanks to the military training of both pilots, Connor Whitmore and Carson Beattie, former national guardsman
“we are lucky to have hired pilots who can defend themselves, however that is not the case for all of our flights, and we are working closely with any forms of enforcement to help resolve the situation”
Image source: Charles Gomez, a horsepower tower services employee

in flight disaster?

On the inaugural flight of horsepower air’s first ocenaic flight, horsepower air 582, NGO-SYD, an a35K, a first in the horsepower air fleet, had a aeileron failure mid flight and was forced to divert to GUM, where it landed safely and was serviced and later continued to SYD.
“it was originally unknown how the aircraft suffered the failure, but upon later investigation it was discovered that someone unknown cut a wire that was leading the the aeileron, and due to the flight grounding, we have decided to check all of our currently flight worthy aircraft for such issues”
This incident has led to widespread panic over air travel, with multiple airlines partnering up to assist with the terrorist threat

This is your daily aviation news, I am George Gregor, signing off from Nagoya Japan


The British police are currently in a standoff with a group of unknown individuals at London Heathrow airport

At about 20:48 BST, three unknown individuals broke into the Heathrow airport and ran across the taxiway towards a parked Horsepower air A300-600. The individuals boarded the A300 and started the aircraft’s electrical systems before the tower staff were alerted about the situation. After that airport police were dispatched to the aircraft within minutes and the individuals have locked themselves inside the aircraft without a way to start the engines and leave the stand, leading to a standoff between airport police and them


Statement from Skylines Aviation Group:

Eco aviation flight 785 after the aircraft was diverted to Izmir a maintenance team was there to inspect the A320 (EI-SEZ) and found a few bolts missing from the main gear as well as smoke coming from the front gear brake. On top of that blood was found in the rear cargo hold which show human remains from a Iranian national with a knife on her. We have taken the action to seal the aircraft as evidence for the Turkish Military force who will bring the aircraft to Istanbul ataturk tonight.


Situation update!

The individuals have been apprehended and the airport is now secure again, with flights being scheduled for empty returns to their home airports, the first of these to take off being a horsepower air a330-200, bound for Idaho Falls Regional Via Salt Lake

“the situation with the A300 at Heathrow has been handled, but it is unknown why the suspects attempted to hijack the plane, however we have learned that they are associated with the ‘save the world’ movement, a radical environment movement that we are slowly connecting to all of these terrorist attacks across the world” said Heathrow Cheif of security “any information we are passing to the FBI and UN, and the suspects are being put on the next flight to D.C. via our friends at horsepower air”

The individuals are set to leave heathrow on the 757-300 of horspower, scheduled for departure tomorrow morning
Reg: N-GHS for those who wish to track it


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No sleep for the wicked


This morning at 0637 BST the Horsepower Air 757-300 departed LHR with two Euro fighter escorts which followed the plane till they reached the coast, from there the plane was on it’s own until the US where two F22s intercepted and guided the aircraft into Dulles. These escorts were provided due to the national security threat that most countries around the world have taken this group to be. On board the aircraft the two pilots of Horsepower 63, Whitmore and beattie, as well as three FBI Agents who flew in on a BA A35K earlier in the morning, and then the three suspects. Shortly before the fought the suspects confessed their intentions to skylines security staff. From there the info was passed to the FBI and then the media
“they were going to crash the A300 into the airbus factory to stop the production of aircraft” we were told, however no further info was given to us.
“it can be presumed that all airports in the US have been ordered to lock down and make sure nobody is allowed onto the apron to make sure the same hijacking attempt happens to the boeing factories” said the head of skylines security who handed the suspects off, “it is the only option to keep travel safe, let’s just hope that it works. We have put Heathrow, Dublin, and any other airport we cover on complete lock down.”

Other news:
The saga continues?
The UN has announced after the complete purge of flights for the foreseeable future, that they will lift the sanctions upon flight within the next 24 to 48 hours, once the terrorist group has been taken down or security on aircraft and airports has gotten tighter. However, even with the UN countries under lock down, Russia is not
Today in Russia, an Aeroflot A359 performing Vladivostok to Moscow was hijacked and flown to Helsinki, where the plane had to make an emergency low fuel landing. The plane was shortly surrounded by airport security and all on board passengers were deboarded. This is all the information we currently have and the Finnish government has only confirmed that the aircraft’s passengers have been given refugee status, but are detained within the airports premises

Final news:
The tranquility alliance suffers heavy loss due to Poor bird management at Nagoya?
Today, Redundant air reported on the recent incident of redundant air 538, a 77W suffered a bird strike that led to a complete failure of one engine on departure from Nagoya and had to emergency divert to NRT. The aircraft landed at NRT safely but there is no way to service the aircraft at a non base for the airline. “we are currently having horsepower air techs fly out the the airport but we fear that the aircraft may be stuck in NRT for the foreseeable future”
Trey air also reported on the incident after it recently had a similar incident of a birstrike on takeoff from NGO, however the A35K suffered little damaged and completed the full flight to IAD.
Horsepower air, the manager of tranquilities Nagoya operations had this to say: “we are currently installing various anti-bird strike systems around the airport, however it will take a long time and already has caused issues”
Reference: JAL7382 NGO-DXB departed the airport 2 days ago and suffered a double failure after a bird strike and was diverted to NRT after a successful engine restart
“for the current time, NGO has closed takeoff until we can handle the birds”

This is George Gregor, reporting from Helsinki Finland