Next Airport Speculation

So… on the live stream some interesting hints were dropped by the devs about the NEXT airport. Because we on the Discord are a bunch of crazy people we have been doing some sleuthing about…

Here’s what we know:

(1) Next airport will be a large airport (based on a Dev Q&A)
(2) Next airport is not in range of the current airports via a B737
(3) Next airport will be in a country that is a member of the Commonwealth.

That leaves us with a pretty limited selection:

Johannesburg and Cape Town, South Africa
Sydney, Melbourne, or Brisbane, Australia

Sydney already has a model from TaiModels, so could this be it? I’m skeptical about any NZ airport because of their size…

What are y’all’s thoughts?


My thoughts are with the developers :muscle::clap:
Now the new airport has been released and as soon as the first planes have landed you are already talking about the next place :man_facepalming:
Let them rest for a while. Make adjustments and corrections.


Credit to GEO on discord


Thanks for adding this :). I personally skeptical of Kuala Lumpur for the same reason that if the Unity issues were fixed, they’d be putting DEL back on the table. But I think this is a really epic list without a wrong answer of what to add!

They’ve said they want to alternate airports 2 L, 1 S… I’d love to see Brisbane / Sydney / Melbourne be the L and then a NZ airport be the S, but that’s just pure speculation.

I am thinking it could be SA, because we do have an airport in Asia, but no point speculating until further info

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And so much will depend on Unity as well as how the devs are doing economically.

Just to drive you all completely insane. I know the answer but obviously not allowed to tell you.

But as others have said, we need LHR to bed in and get some of the aircraft updated like the 350, and then the next airport will arrive :slight_smile:


In the live stream at 46.40 is said that “Australia might be in the future”. That narrows it considerately.

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Please don’t tell us. It’s incredibly entertaining stoking the fires of everyone going insane haha. But yes… looking forward to some of the graphical glitches and keeping my fingers crossed for new variants on the A320 family / CRJ family whenever they hopefully come. Besides… it will take a long time to get this many levels to unlock the next one so no need to rush it!


I have no intention of breaking a confidence because frankly I would like to remain a)connected and b) admin of this forum :slight_smile:


Think they should do A320 as well before next airport. As for that I’m guessing South Africa either Cape Town or Johannesburg. :south_africa:

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If it is south Africa then I am positive it is cpt, cause of the dev chat in I think early September

I Want South Africa

I am on my way to look down airports in these areas now. To see if anything resembles what guys thought was Oslo.

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What Happen in DEL?

Damn you.
Can we at least get a hint as to continent?

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I hope there will be Barcelona Airport in the future.

Of course, Heathrow Airport in LondonIt has been made, so across the English Channel :fr: Is the future of Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) in Paris also planned.After owning Paris, :de: FrankfurtIt’s not far away either.

Nope, sorry, I really can’t say anything