Ngo at start

When playing ngo only with the small plaine at the start every time a plaine push back from parking all other plaine stand still under the parking lot I dont understand why they have to freeze if there going to another parking lot

I believe it’s because the devs don’t want the planes to Noclip through one another and In real life it’s because of safety on ground. You would be scared if you were pushing back and saw a plane moving forward to the gate right next to you?

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There is certain “pathfinding and priority mapping” for plane movements - all players need to do is to learn whats most effective.

In the future there will be more “clever IA” like in INN where multiple planes can pushback but its not a nice nor easy process to revamp taxiways logic.

Grand rule is to have that “Safe” so planes do not lock-down taxiways and game doens’t have to be restarted.

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Okay, Fair enough. Though even though that the planes have to stop when another one is pushing back does make it safer for well passengers and ground crew.

I am not saying it makes it safer. There are certain stop points to prevent planes face each other going other directions + pass on top of each other if not blocking the taxiway completely as occasionaly happened here and there in the past and I believe also seldomly now.