NGO L/X planes regional is gone


I’ve returned from a years break, the new game surprised me that NGO had removed the possibility of L and X places from Nagoya to I.g. TPE or ICN/GMP. I’ve flown many times between Seoul( ICN/GMP) and Tokyo; NTR/HND; Osaka; KIX, domestic from HND to OKA with JAL 767 and 777-200, Korean Air 777-200, B737-900, Jinair 737-800 or ICN to BKK via TPE on Thai Airways 777-300 HGK to/from ICN with both Asiana A380, Korean Air B787-9, B747-8, Or Cathay Pacific on A330-300. This is not possible on the new game while large planes are used a lot in infra Regional routes in Asia. Why is this option gone away? I thought EVA’s planes would be welcomed at NGO or Korean Air A330’s,
Any suggestions why?

Might be due to configuration of aircraft, some destinations now require you to have business and or first class on the larger aircraft in order to show up.1