NGO průhledný terminál (NGO see through terminal)

Při pohledu Cargo je terminál průhledný, resp jsou vidět letadla která stojí za ním.


When looking at Cargo, the terminal is transparent, or the planes behind it can be seen.

This has been brought up Once, by another user (I forgot the username) it’s a graphical bug which came with NGO The bug should’ve been fixed now, try updating the game if not I will let @shill know.

Answer Translated: je to grafická chyba, která přišla s nevládní organizací. Chyba by měla být vyřešena nyní, zkuste aktualizovat hru, pokud ne, dám to na @shill.

Please note: the translations may not be correct after all it is Google Translate, I am gonna fill in until @DuneCrawler has a speedy recovery and he returns back.

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That was me, and no, unfortunately this issue is not fixed yet. BTW through-visible are only terminals and buildings that player can purchase during the game process, static - don’t have such problems

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Thanks for the clarification, I was kinda busy so I couldn’t check who originally posted it. I’m sure the devs know about this so we should expect a fix in the coming updates.

Průhledný je částečně i z druhé strany. A na vyhlídce chodí lidi po křídle letadla :grin:Screenshot_2020-06-17-14-13-02-615_1

This is strange. The buildings are solid objects, spcifically they have shaders with very low draw order, ZWrite On and ZTest LEqual. Didn’t know anything like this was possible. Hmm… :thinking:

Oh it’s the taxi overlay that’s supposed to break up repetition. It’s Ztesting Always and draws itself in front of the buildings. I think I didn’t assume we’d have cameras that look at such a shallow angle when I made this. I can fix that…

Fixed in next release.