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Some first impressions from NGO.

Lots of traffic already

First visitor:

Welcome Air New Zealand


Air Asia and Haugland, welcome to NGO


Where are the cargo stands in NGO’s?

Good morning, just a doubt, air new zealand and korean 747 as far as I remember they didn’t have on the list of releases, was it a surprise ??

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Korean 747 was already in an earlier update.

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My God, I don’t think I received him at an airport until today lol 747 korean, just like ANA A380 so far nothing has landed in Nagoya

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@B4RRERITA i still have yet to see a passenger 748 or A350 so youre not alone :joy:

kkkkk what a thing, A350 in NGO I haven’t seen it yet, 747 a freighter arrived shortly and that Korean photo

Visitors from my great connection partner @UniqueHangman58 and ipchan. Plus another visitor (LimpingFarmer344). NGO is already very busy and is running without any bigger bugs on my side. :slight_smile:

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@ICEgamer1705 I do not see my plane haha

@UniqueHangman58 the third on the left of picture two is yours, isn’t it?

@ICEgamer1705 Oo sorry yes, I missed it :slight_smile:

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My first Jeju Air flight on landing roll image

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All three connection partner planes arriving at the same time :smiley: Good planning guys!


I don’t have NGO as of right now, still 60% in IAD, but one question, do you guys get a lot of A350’s in NGO from JAL and Thai? It’s rare for me to get them in IAD. I never got a Thai A350 in IAD before.

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I’m not sure, I haven’t built the L stands yet. But I am assuming that there are a lot more A350s than in IAD because the only A350s in the game are asian airlines.

I am sorry but there are just a few A350s in NGO. I would say 80% screamliner :frowning: most L planes are 787 from JAL, followed by 787 from Qatar and 777 from ANA.

There are A350s in IAD, very rare, I’ve had 2 so far

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A350s are pretty rare in general except in PRG actually. In PRG i went from never seeing one to getting one every time i play now. This change happened randomly like 3 or 4 days ago. I think devs changed something on the server side. I have yet to see one in IAD

Welcome to Nagoya @DuneCrawler and @boruberry. Safe flight home!