Nickname on planes

I think it would be interesting if the other planes also had the player’s name, maybe even some kind of logo. Is that already in the dev’s mind?



Devs, i think @swifterik to be exact, have said that they do plan on doing that but that the SaaB is sort of a trial run for the feature, and that we should see it soon

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There should be different options for it too, like there should be an option to have it where it already is, they can be an option to have it across the fuselage like Southwest Airlines does it, an option to have it below the windows like Alitalia’s new livery, and there could be an option to have no name.


Since you mention Alitalia, written on the wings should also be an option :joy:


And a chance to change the name would be really, really nice :smiley:

I believe yellow is an option :upside_down_face: