No Arrivals Available HOW TO STOP?

What causes NO ARRIVALS AVAILABLE to appear and how do I avoid this?

This happens because you don’t have an arrival so it will go like that, if you buy many arrivals then planes would come.

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This is not correct as I have bought many arrivals and I have plenty of gates not being used

2 reasons can occur this-

  1. You have not brought many arrivals.
  2. You have not buyed enough gates.
    And if both of them is done, then it could be a bug.

I have the same problem. In the pic below, I have 6 planes showing ”Now” for eta. But they wont appear on arrivals slot list. I do have free stands for them. I have closed all other flights to iad.

I found a solution for this but its not making me happy. I have to reopen one route for my own flights to appear on the arrival slot list. But after all my planes have been assigned with stands the game overflows my stands and arrival slot list with just one flight. Pic below.

How can it fill the arrival slot list even if I dont even have available stands for all the flights its pushing for me. Shoudnt it show me ”No available stands”?

So I have to keep that one flight open to get my own planes to land and close it as soon as my last ”eta:now” plane has been assigned with a stand so it wont fill my arrivals.

First off, turning off all of the flights from the arrivals tab won’t work because as you’ve just found out, you need at least one slot open to get arrivals. Is the first image before or after you’ve turned off all of the slots?

  1. You dont have enough arrivals for aviable slots
  2. Game bugged, turn off a arrival flight and turn it back on, then you should get good ariivals then.

It was after. But what I dont understand is why does the game fill my arrivals with that one flight. After all gates are assigned it should give me ”not enough available stands” as it used to do?kuva

Yeah, I’ve noticed that if only aircraft that is unlocked, it does that. Probably because the code is confused as to why there is no variety in aircrafts unlocked, and it just gives you the (generic) aircraft repeatedly until you turn it off, or you enable other flights, so that the game ‘never stops’. Why it doesn’t alternate between two, three or four unlocked flights is probably because for one or more aircrafts, the game knows that there are no more flights that can be put into arrivals (at random), and thus gives it the “NOT ENOUGH AVAILABLE STANDS” message. Notice that when one of those few flights have finished their pushback and are starting to taxi to the runway, that same aircraft comes under arrivals. This is what I think that is happening, don’t take my word for it. Tbh, I have a limited understanding of code.

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I have the Same issue. The prob: i cannot buy additional slots for arrivals.

What van i do?

On which airport have you taken this screenshot?

It‘s Washington. But on my former airports (Praque, Innsbruck, Bari) I do have the same Problem.