No more arrivals with slots available


I don’t understand that sometimes, I have tons of slot available of different sorts S, M and no more plane arriving to fill it?

Any rational explanation?


Departure slots or arrivals slots?

Well, I mean in my airport there are space to have planes, but on the right, it say to me that there are no more plane to arrive

You need to unlock more arrivals

How to do it?

Go to the fourth option on the top of the actual screen and you will see this image type of thing. There are many airports which you can unlocked as an arrival or a destination. But to unlock an arrival, see that money and silver keys, you can either buy an arrival slot with in game money or silver keys(you can obtain these silver keys by handling planes on time) so more planes come to your airport. Departure slots are unlocked so you can send your own plane to another airport. (and this is an old pic)