No player arrive

Hello, I am now in Washington, but no players plane arrive. I played last year, and many of other players planes landed in inn bri or iad.
Is there something new?
I know I must connect with other but since 6 month so many aircrafts land in iad.

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This was suggested earlier about this:

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Problem is know for devs and should be solved in next update.

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Some explain from devs about this problem:

There are two options. Offer contract to random player or offer contract to specific player.
Advantage will be that you can offer more than one contract to one airport. You can play with more players playing on same airport. It will open space for more cooperations.
With new system will plane wait for player in arrival queue. There will be No 4 hours limit.
You can recall your planes back if commection didnt work by canceling contract with player.
If you dont have partner you just create contract random player will be selected automatically (with focus on activity of this player). Mean only active players will be selected for random contract connection.


I love this system already!!

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But this is just connection. What about receiving planes from non connection players?

It will end because there will no 4 hours limit of waiting of connection partner planes. It will be unlimited.

What if my partner goes to vacation and I accidentally send him a plane. Do I have to wait until he handles it? That would be quite annoying sometimes.

As stated you can call your planes back

But I have to cancel the connection!

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But only by canceling the contract. So contact with another player is essential.

Can you suggest the devs to maybe rethink this?
I’ve heard some great ideas that could improve on this such as being able to choose the time limit for the connection partner to handle the plane. The minimum time limit would be 4h and maximum 24h. The player of course also can choose to have no time limit

I doubt frankly that its technically possible. I will talk about it with Kuba.

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The simpler way is to make planes recallable without canceling the contract. For realism this could be called “divert and return” or something.

So if I have no connection partner and I send the plane to let’s say SAN will my plane at some random players SAN or will it just return like when I send it to a normal destination?

How will this affect the ability to get silver planes for handling a certain number of connection planes at certain airports, will they add more opportunity or keep them as the same 100 connections and 100 connections with one player?

They return as from normal destination. To send it to anybody you will be able to choose random player. But system now will give you proposal only of Active players.

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Rather the same.

Do we have to pay wollars to offer a contract?