Not a fan of the game play changes, game feels so slow

I took a long break from the game and just returned. I found the game completely redesigned and I’m not impressed.

It just seems they made the game run so much slower in terms of your airports.

It says I have like 50+ planes needing to land, I only have like 4 planes at my airport, and like 4-6 on the way to take off.

I purchased all the gates, all the sizes, and it’s so slow. I remember the old version of the game I could get most of the gates filled. Now it seems I can barely get 15% of my airport occupied.

I also can’t find the function you could prioritize landing or take off. Like you could set it to 3 landing planes to 1 take off. So 3 planes land, then 1 takes off.

Maybe they moved it but I haven’t found it. I’m pretty sure I would enjoy the game much more if that was still around.

I just the AI folks in the tower but that doesn’t seem to help get more planes to the airport. They just save us extra steps like push back or clear to land.

Is there something I’m missing to get my 50+ planes to land faster? I played for an hour straight and I only got the # down to the 20s that still needed to land.

Please tell my there’s A WAY to land planes more and faster


Yep, this all takes time now unfortunately

I can 100% agree

That is what the tower managers do

I’d say that’s almost their entire purpose, it doesn’t exist anymore

Nope, you have to leave the game running. I have 200 planes to land at LHR, take me a good 2 or so hours to land 60%

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I dont know exactly what version you left the game at but I remember how all planes would shoot up like rockets and believe they wanted to bring a sense of realism to how the planes operate.

But with that comes the conflict that handling is sped up but taxi, landing and takeoffs are real time.
That topped with the fact that daytime goes by fast and night time even faster and most planes don’t use high speed exits at high speeds like real life, makes for a bit of imbalance.

But they’re working on a new taxi system
We don’t really know how it operates but I’m hoping it does bring some solution to the current format

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Thanks for the details. Basically answered my fears. I guess if they wanted to go into the direction of realism they should have remembered this is a game… Or at least make a setting for realism or arcade mode. I can’t believe people will stare at their airport for hours straight to land 50+ planes

Many of us left the game for so many of this kinda reasons. Old version was not perfect but it felt like a gem.:gem:

Besides there was a purpose of this game. Completing achievements, completing connections, maintenance your fleet, earn gold planes, unlock liveries. Now it’s all just money. :moneybag:

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Tbh none of that has really changed, you still have all of that

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unlock liveries

Is the livery collection system still running in 2.0?

It’s now the WOApedia if I’m not mistaken

It’s still up but only with real currency.

WOApedia is a lite version of wikipedia, integrated in the game. Not needed at all.

You can do literally anything in game without spending a dime, albeit with some time. what do you mean you can only do it with real currency.

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