Not enough money to do maintenance, game will be caput

When all gates are filled with maintenance and landing queue is also filled with maintenance flight, there is no way to earn an income to complete maintenance, therefore game will be quitted and multiply that with the amount of players facing same issues, so who left to play then.


hope you come out quickly with massive update and not just fixing the earning according to mileage.

Don’t make us or force us to sell aircraft way cheap in order to open up slots


I just had to send my 777 fleet to maintenance (6 planes) and A380 fleet (5 planes); not enough slots. Sold a Comet (an even bigger money loser now) so will sit at airport as a museum piece.

Def bugs to work out.


Started with W300,000 two days ago and now can’t fly A380’s because I ran out of money all of a sudden sending A380’s, 777 and 757 to maintenance, and holding up gates waiting for other airline funding.

Am hoping for something incredible as a fix soon.

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All the saved money gone because of sudden maintenance of half my fleet at IAD. Fantastic update. Not. “Game over” for me.

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Yeah, I’m right there with you! I scrapped all my B747’s (8), all but 6 of my A380’s and all my M’s are sitting at the gates waiting for maintenance . I have 20 S’s and 17 needed maintenance since the update dropped. I had a $2 million in cash reserve, but that’s almost all gone.

I actually didn’t even play yesterday. Might not even give it a go today either. I used to be so excited to pick it up and play, not anymore.

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I can imagine that dev’s want to make money with an online game/app but this last update ruined everything what they have build. As I understand a fix will follow. We’ll see. If not, than it will be over soon with this game. Unfortunately. Because it is really fun to play.

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New players won’t have big fleets they have to send to maintenance. So I don’t know if the game will die.

Time will tell. New players have to deal with high aircraft prices, shorter mileage between maintenance and high maintenance prices. So the buildup to a bigger fleet will take ages. The game is still nice but with these conditions players will get bored very soon. Most people do/will not spend any money on a game so they quit. You see that pattern with a lot of games.