Offline version

I was just sitting in a real plane (with no WiFi) and it was sad that I wasn’t able to handle some planes at WoA. Can we maybe get an offline version (e.g. without connected flights if this might be difficult) please?


There was a discussion about this even yesterday and it may happen at some point but couple of limitations:

  • no server - implicates necessity to issue different client (with arrival engine)
  • progress have to be different - like separate “offline account”
  • limited content (not same amount of planes/liveries)
  • offline version would be “cheaters paradise” - we will not hide the fact that online one is our priority becase we can control what is going on.

Finaly - online needs content to arrive on regular basis as playerbase is still growing. I would not expect that fast anyway.


I support the idea of more online content first😀

I do agree. I think there should be a way to play offline like if your on a plane and you don’t have internet connection. Like Sandbox mode. But you should be able to play offline if you have completed the number of passengers required.

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I agree with having the option for an offline mode. Currently difficult to play whilst at the airport as the internet connection and mobile data is more limited (at least at Gatwick where I work) due to sheer number of people using data at the same time in the same area.

Offline version is not on the radar now. For reasons mentioned already above + online version needs players and support.

Any update on this? I love WOA, and since I’m at a boarding school without wifi, this would be amazing.

General question, how much mobile data does WOA use? Is it data-friendly or will it chomp away at my mobile data.

I believe it’s quite data-free since it’s a mobile game but it does require an extremely stable internet connection to play for longer periods so if you’re like me and use all the internet up way too fast yes it could be a problem.(but if not no)

Also support the idea of being able to play offline. I’m an airline pilot and spend hours in the cruise with no wi-fi. Would be great to be able to play.

Are you allowed to play games while cruising?

Assuming he is long haul, most likely. They probably have rest breaks and do whatever they want for a certain amount of time.