Older Airport Rework (Prague)

Hello everyone,

Although the older Airports have already been reworked to some degree, I think it should be considered overhauling them entirely to make them more realistic. Prague as an Example: All the Taxiway and Apron textures are not just outdated but mostly incorrect. As an Example I will use the Apron between Pier B and C and compare the in game one to Real life.
In game:

In real-life:

as you can see compared to realife ingame is missing basically everything. The Pier-C ingame has 4 Positions, whilst the Real Airport has 5. The Apron is also missing so many markings at the Positions, the Position number markings at the Taxi lines and the Orange-and bluelines. Pier-B in game has 3 Positions. 1 which can handle (M/L/X) with two jet bridges. IRL this position has 3 not 2. The southern Position is missing 1 Jet bridge and should also be capable to handle up to L aircraft like seen here by the A330 in the picture. This is just an example to showcase what has to be redone eventually. For the positions that contain multiple lines/position numbers IRL, a solution for in game would be to include the lines for deco until they can be made functional at some point (Adding multiple stand usage function?). About the Orange and blue-lines: They could be made to be used by S/M planes, but L/X still have to use the normal Taxi line. And It would still work in a way, where all planes have to wait before entering the Apron until the normal line is clear, or L/X planes have to wait until all lines are clear. Next to that there is the problem with the way the stands in PRG work. In PRG you cannot buy any S positions at the Terminal, which is sort of annoying. And one bug I have found is that, all M planes on the Remote Gates stop way to early, leaving the Tail clipping onto the Taxiway

Last but not least: The markings at Positions 25/26/27 are too far back, causing planes wings to clip over them and into the Position
In game:

Prague Terminal2
That is not all but just examples of what is wrong, there are many more issues like missing stands or wrong material for the Taxiway.
I hope this can be seen and taken notice off, because I would really love to see the older Airports get as much love for details, as the current ones.
Greetings Lisandro


yo quick reality check, this is WOA not MSFS


Ofc I know that, but just look at LEJ or SXM and compare them quality and accuracy wise to PRG.


a380s also colide with L planes tail at that L remote stand, when rework comes it wont

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PRG was one of the first airports. What you may not know is that WOA actually work very closely with PRG and if they want changes made, changes will be made.
You also have to allow for poetic license ins game. For example does BRI really have L aircraft stands. Nope.
It is what it is. WOA will go back and redo all the models but they only have so much capacity so it will fit in as time allows.


Even if they are fake I still wanna keep the L stands at bri

PRG has also been remodeled twice. Other airports like IAD and NGO are in much more need of attention.



BRI actually has these L Stands IRL so…

But in terms of the ‘L’ considered planes in the WoA universe, none of these ‘L’ planes go to BRI. But the stands do exist, yes.

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What I really want to see is the ability to choose between landing 3 M (like IRL) and 2 L (like currently in game). Personally, L planes take so long to land and taxi at BRI that I ignore them completely.


I think a while ago the devs said that wouldn’t be possible because of the way the game is coded. Same with multiple M or S planes at a double jetway gate at an airport like iad or lhr. But times have changed so maybe things may be different now


Devs had said that, but they’ve also said it’s something they want to add is that kind of stands (I forget the fancy name for it. I have a feeling it will be a very gradual application to old airports if it happens, as airports would need to be entirely recoded, but we can dream haha. Its a low priority feature in my mind.