Only 1 runway operates in Prague

I am asking for the creation of a second runway, since there are large planes there, one runway is terribly insufficient, I am asking for the creation of a second runway, please in. A prague

Not going to happen unless the devs decide to do the redesign that aligns to the future PRG airport road map, which does allow for a second runway.
With the current airport configuration, it actually mirrors real operations as the main runway is the only one used, the second one is only when the first one needs maintenance, emergencies or the wind directions are specific. None of which are factored into the currently game play.
The single runway operation is due to safety reasons.
The Devs have said since this game was released that the current version of PRG will never have 2 operating runways. So, hence why I say this will never happen. Sorry


good day, I understand you, but when there are so many places, approximately 70 parking spaces for planes, you have no chance to manage it 2 runways are badly needed

I get it, but it’s not going to happen, these airports are designed to closely match what happens in real life. In the case of PRG, the devs have worked extremely closely with the folks that actually run the airport, so much so that they even point out things that need to be changed or updated.
So as much as a 2nd runway would be nice, this situation means, it’s going to stay in its current set up


Speaking for prg

Prg runway has this issue.

If the goal is to closely resemble IRL operations, a few things that could improve this:

  1. Currently the game collects a limited amount of weather data, but wind speed and direction is not collected. Collecting this data would allow for the game to detect when there is a situation that would result in a different runway configuration, and give us as players a variety of experiences in the airport, improving our experience!

  2. IAD needs to be looked at. With missing runways it’s hard to actually mimic IRL operations!


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I believe that won’t be added because of performance on lower end devices not being able to cope. I can certainly understand the reason, as I usually play on an IPad now, but I used to play on a Samsung A12, which barely ran the game, and, if it did, it would be very laggy and use a lot of battery.

But if this is considered, it would be cool if it was toggle-able, so that lower-end devices can play with the current version, and higher-end devices can play the full airport