Open to accept connections at my LHR

I have no planes, but am able to handle any amount of X/L/M/S passenger planes at my LHR.

Playing (almost) everyday.


I can now accept any amount and any type of planes at my LHR (including cargo)

Why don’t you let your airplanes enjoy the great service other players get at my LHR airport?

Open to accept any amount and type of contracts!

do you play daily and which time zone

I play (almost) everyday.

GMT+2, but with WOA 2.0 player airplanes are not “being lost” while waiting to land.

but i want it back everyday so

You will get it back everyday.

During the weekends I manage to service the same airplanes more than once (depends on the player on the other side).

Username: CAFRISH

okay i will send request

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Another round goes out:

If you guys have planes left send it to me at NGO, Muscat and LHD and BRI

My username is Player6441009686