Opinions to organize airports from the smallest to the largest

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I think it would be good to organize the airports from the smallest to the largest.
It is very boring to go from an airport like Washington (IAD) to Nagoya (NGO) since the one in Washington is big and going from the airport to the one in Nagoya which is much smaller slows down progress and besides that from Nagoya it is passes to San Diego (SAN) one that has only 3 platforms for X planes then even sooner if progress returns

Airports are ordered in release format because they are technically linked in that progression via the number of pax needed to open the next. Doubt this will change to be honest.

Quick point on SAN, it has 4 X capable pax gates and 2 X capable cargo. Similar to that of PRG

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And you can always skip unwated airport by using Golden Planes for unlockung this airport you want.

Not everyone wants to spend money


Thats why players have choice. Grind one by one or use GP.

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Ooh OK

yes but I’m not going to buy golden planes :slight_smile:


Like I said - its always your choice :slightly_smiling_face:

yeah, I wanted to buy but I don’t eat and it’s expensive :weary:

Where and how can I buy golden planes, does it have to be with a card?

With e.g. Google Play credits, PayPal, credit card etc.

ok thank you