Opinions welcome - FAQ’s etc

With the advent of the Wiki side of the site ultimately porting to the WOApedia portion of the actual game, some of the pieces for beginners are somewhat outdated in terms of game play.

So I am wondering if it is worth creating an updated set of faq’s and important information for newbies and tips and tricks from some of us who would be considered veterans as the game closes in on 2 years up and running.

I’m happy to coordinate as mod, but i know we have a number of wiki editors classified on the site so I am wondering if we can collaborate and come up with an updated set?

Opinions welcome because gameplay is not a one shot deal, people play it differently. But I am curious what the appetite would be to do it?



When is the games 2 year anerversary?

I believe it’s October 25th

I can help you with that. Though I am not a wiki editor but am really willing to help you seeing your efforts towards the game.

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Can’t wait!