Optional Random gate assignment suggestion

I find that sometimes, when playing an airport like IAD, the arrivals come fast enough that it can actually be a bit of a tedious chore to keep up with assigning them spots as quickly as they land. So I’ve got a suggestion for a new option under the arrivals options (the cog underneath the arrivals)

A new option button, that looks like the ramp icon, that reduces the arrival wait timers to 5-10 seconds then randomly assigns the planes to a gate, if available. The idea is that at airports like IAD, it gets tedious fast to pick out spots for planes, while also trying handle the current ones, when, if we don’t care where they go, just let the computer decide quicker.

The button could be turned on and off at will and arrival timers will adjust accordingly. Any planes in the holding pattern will be affected if the button is pushed while they are still waiting.

This helps reduce workload during busy times when we just need to get planes on the ground now, no matter where they end up.

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