Other player contracts

Not a fan of the fact that to let another players plane land you have to use a contract! They should be able to land without using a contract.

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Why? It’s your decision to accept the contract or not and a route is a route whether it’s via a generic or owned aircraft.
Just means you have to balance your airport usage accordingly.

Because it eats up a contract and that players plane doesn’t come back. So if your contracts are full you miss out on the money from the other players flight. The only option is to leave a contract free for the duration of the cool down and you miss out on the continued revenue from that contract!

What airport are you playing bud…coz here my airport is overloaded when my contract capacity is not even half full. I was about to say who cares about contract capacity and stuff lol

I agree with you that its annoying when it takes up one contract slot if it’s just going to be gone later anyway. Would be nice if random player planes don’t count towards the contract limit

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I’m playing the new airport sxm or whatever it is!