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Hello guys!
I’m pretty new (I just unlocked Bari) and I gotta say, i love the game. I’m a bit confused about my own airplanes in my fleet. What are the maina advantages? I don’t see any, they pay less than international contracts, they give very little XP points (40 at 10lvl while contracts give 70-130). I have 2 questions concerning them:

  1. What is maintenance of airplanes. I’m trying to find a way to repair the planes but i don’t know how. Will they automatically be repaired when the ‘Remaining until repair’ comes to 0 with the cost provided next to it? (f.ex. 750 or 1100 depending on the plane)
  2. What are the advantages of them over contracts. My INN airport is upgraded fully - all stands and all equipment. Now my goal for INN is getting the silver planes from levelling up. Thus, I need contracts with the most XP. My airplanes give me only 40 XP at max level and most of my contracts give me over 70 with some even 130XP! Are own planes really worth it considering the need for maintenance, less XP and less profit?
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Whilst at first your own planes are more expensive, you do get larger sums of money (for example the B77W often earns about 12000 Wollars a flight) and you can send them on player connections where you benefit from the increased revenue, and get silver planes and XP at a much quicker rate than going through the levelling up on a standard contract

So would it be better to sell the planes I currently have in order to buy contracts which would give me more XP?

Well, if you keep your player planes and send them to another player, you only need to handle 10 flights to get the full amount of XP you would earn from a standard contract if you levelled it up to its max level, which is closer to 100 flights vice the 10 on a player connection

As regards to repairs, once they have finished a section of a contract, or on the case of connections an entire contract, they will give you the option for maintenance where the pushback button normally appears once you have claimed rewards if the orange spanner is showing

Oh, so I should only send my airplanes to other players airports correct? It’s a pity it’s not stated in the game that players airports are more beneficial.

You can send them to regular destinations as well, but you don’t have to pay for routes to other players plus they will level you up a lot quicker, so it’s highly recommended, especially when starting a new airport or if you only have a small fleet

I created one but it looks like the old one, the XP is still pretty low, am I doing something wrong? On the screen to choose a player I selected the option on the right, to select any player.

EDIT: Maybe it works the same, but the amount of flights between upgrades doesn’t increment (it’s always 1)?

Have you sent it to an actual player? The rate overall is the same but it’s the fact it takes only 10 flights to get the full amount not 10 sets of flights

So i have to select a player on the list on the left?

My suggestion is go to the connection tab and ask for a connection than if you have a partner than you add the player username so if I send a connection to @ukplanespotter757 for example you type the username in the box and it will appear on the left side for the next connection so you don’t have to type the username over and over again

Okay, I’ve sent a request to @ukplanespotter757 just to see how it works. Now they have to accept it and then it will automatically renew or do they have to accept every time?

Once it’s completed the 10 it can be either cancelled or renewed, which the other player either accepts or rejects, I don’t normally take connections at BRI but I’ll run through this one with you so you can get an idea on how it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you, so after this one ends, I should send a request to a guy I accepted once (as a player contract) since their nicknames show on the left?
Also, you will need to handle this plane 10 times as well?

Yeah, or come back to the forum and see if you can connect with somebody else (we have dedicated threads for each airport)

Will you need to handle my airplane 10 times as well?

Yeah, you just send it out like normal, then when I play BRI I send it back until it’s finished

Thanks, if it’s too much of a burden, don’t hesitate to cancel the contract.